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Two Small Planes In Deadly Midair Crash Over LB Harbor Near Breakwater

Four die in sunny afternoon tragedy

(Feb. 15, updated Feb. 17, 2001) -- Two small planes collided in midair over LB Harbor Thursday afternoon, roughly 1/4 mile south of the breakwater, killing four people (two aboard each plane).

The midair crash took place on a clear, sunny day at approximately 3:40 p.m. Several Los Angeles television stations carried live pictures of the aftermath, showing two oil slicks amid scattered debris.

One body was quickly recovered. Attempts to recover the other victims will be made tomorrow.

The planes had links to the LB Flying Club based at LB Airport. The LB Flying Club & Flight Academy's web site (accessed Feb. 15) included the following:

Long Beach Flying Club is located at Long Beach Airport...Learning how to fly here and in the surrounding area will develop your radio skills and instill a confidence which will help you deal with any air traffic control system in the world.

Further details will be added to this story as confirmed.

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