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LB Natural Gas Rates Drop Slightly for February to 1.4332 per Therm;
Jan rate was 1.6244 per Therm

Adjoining Lakewood (served by So. Cal Gas) will pay 0.662 per therm in February, less than half of LB's rate.

(February 1, 2001) LB's City Hall run Gas Dept. will charge LB businesses and residents slightly lower rates for natural gas in February, although LB's rates will remain more than twice as high as neighboring Lakewood served by So. Cal Gas.

The LB Gas Dept. advised that the new rate will be 1.4332 per therm. In January, the rate was 1.6244 per therm. The rate decrease is roughly 11.7%. Bills generated in mid-month are prorated and reflect a mixture of the January and February rates.

By comparison, Lakewood consumers (served by the So. Cal Gas Co.) will pay 0.662 per therm in February, less than half of LB's rate. Their rate in January was a penny less, 0.652 per therm.

Section 1502 of the LB City Charter provides in pertinent part:

"The rates to be charged users for any services or commodities supplied by any public utility owned and operated by the City shall be based upon the prevailing rates for similar services and commodities supplied or sold by other like utilities whether public or private, operating in the Southern California area."

As previously reported on, Lakewood and most other So. Cal Gas served cities have for several months been paying significantly less than what LB consumers have been charged by their own City Hall run Gas Dept.

The LB City Council could rebate the extreme differential amount charged since roughly December, as well as the utility tax windfall collected on the extreme bills, but thus far has not done so. Such rebates, if they were supported by a majority of Councilmembers. would likely require Council-approved budget adjustments.

On January 30, the Council requested a report from the City Manager on what measures, if any, he thought could be taken beyond the limited reductions previously ordered for low income disabled and low income seniors. The elected City Council, not the City Manager, has the final say on what relief, if any, will be ordered.

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