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Details of City Manager/Council Approved Gas Bill Relief Package

Manager's memo shows est. $3.8 million FY 00-01 utility tax windfall; it will cover part of relief package and some increased City Hall costs; $2.25 million in higher utility costs to be absorbed

(February 22, 2001) As part of's detailed coverage of LB's gas bills and City Hall response, included below is a memorandaum referenced during the City Council's February 13 meeting by City Manager Henry Taboada, summarizing City Hall's utility bill relief package to date and including much useful data.

The memo explains City Hall expects to receive a $3.8 million windfall in FY 00-01 from increased commodity costs. It also indicates City Hall will use the windfall to fund part of the relief package and part of some City Hall costs (utility billing changes by outside utilities).

The memo indicates City Hall intends to absorb higher electricity ($1.8 million) and gas ($0.45 million) costs within the existing budget.

We have posted the memo in .pdf form at: City Manager's Feb. 13 memo re utility bill relief package.

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