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Mayor O'Neill Says She'll Seek Third Term By Write-In Vote

Releases Three Page List of "Selected City Achievements" and Endorsement Letter Signed by Nine Supporters

We post her Achievement List and Endorsement Letter verbatim

Mayor O'Neill Announces Write-In Campaign

(February 3, 2001) Flanked by supporters for a noon press event at a downtown hotel, LB Mayor Beverly O'Neill announced on January 31 she intends to seek a third term by write-in vote.

A three page document entitled, "Mayor Beverly O'Neill, Selected City Achievements, July 1994-January, 2001," was made available to the media. We post it verbatim on a link below.

A one page endorsement letter was also made available, signed by nine individuals including Jim Ackerman and Jim Gray, (co-chairs of the "Committee to Write-in Beverly O'Neill for Mayor"). We post the letter, verbatim, on a link below.

To view the Mayor's list of "Selected City Achievements," click on Mayor's list of achievements

To view the endorsement letter, click on Mayor's Jan. 31. Endorsement Letter

LB's voter-enacted term limits law permits two term incumbents to seek a third term but prevents their names from appearing on the ballot.

In November, 2000, LB voters rejected (51.38% voting "no") a ballot measure that would have changed the law to let two term incumbents' names appear on the ballot if they survived a primary write-in election contest.

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