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City Manager Will Ask Council to Amend QW Bay Agreement And Grant QW Bay Developer 15 Month Extension of Deadline; In Return, City Hall Would Get Additional Developer Commitments

Read City Manager's memo, describing the new deal

(February 9, 2001) -- In a story first transmitted to subscribers by e-mail alert, City Manager Henry Taboada plans to ask the LB City Council at its February 13 meeting to grant authority to amend the Queensway Bay Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA), Ground Lease, and other documents with DDR Urban LP, providing the developer with a 15-month extension of the deadline for meeting all predisposition requirements, in return for which City Hall will accept certain additional commitments from the developer.

Mr. Taboada's memo to the Mayor and Councilmembers provides useful background and discloses a number of details about the new proposed arrangement. The item is number 9 on the City Council's February 13 agenda

You can view the City Manager's memo by clicking on: City Manager's Feb. 13, 2001 memo re QW Bay

We will separately be posting two City Manager memoranda from 1998 and 1999 dealing with QW Bay, included as attachments to Mr. Taboada's memo. When posted, they will appear in our Reference section along with links on this page.

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