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LB Population: 473,600 As of Jan. 1, 2001 CA Agency Says, Includes Estimated Census Undercount

Means LB's sworn police strength now (853 officers) is roughly 1.8 officers per 1,000 population; Council's Sept. 2001 budget vote (913.5 officers) amounted to roughly 1.93/1,000

(February 19, 2002) -- The CA state agency that provides population estimates for all CA cities and updates census figures annually says LB's population as of January 1, 2001 was 473,600.

LB's 2000 census figure for LB was 461,522. The CA Dept. of Finance, Demographic Research Unit's Report E-1 includes an adjustment for an estimated 2000 census undercount.

LB City Hall took the position before and after the 2000 census that the final LB census figure should be adjusted to reflect an undercount. The Commerce Dept. under the Bush administration declined to apply an undercount adjustment to census 2000 figures.

LB's higher population figure of 473,600, estimated over a year ago, shows LB's police strength per capita and park land per resident are both lower than previously assumed. The figures could be even worse when an updated (and possibly higher) population figure is issued in May (for Jan. 1, 2002).

Applying LB's 473,600 population figure (for 2001), LB has roughly 1.8 sworn officers per thousand residents now, and will have roughly 1.89 per thousand when a Police Academy class graduates at the end of April (until retirements thin the ranks again). The City Council's vote to budget 913.5 officers in Sept. 2001 amounted to only 1.93 (not 1.98) sworn officers per thousand residents.

LB's higher population figure also means LB's level of park land to population is lower than previously assumed.

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