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    See Latest LBUSD Academic Performance Index Rankings Comparing LB Schools To Others Statewide

    (Feb. 21, 2003) -- When compared with the academic performance of the rest of CA high schools, LB's Jordan (NLB) and Cabrillo (WLB) ranked in the lowest category statewide -- the bottom 10% of all CA high schools -- in newly Academic Performance Index data released by the CA Dept. of Education.

    20% of LB middle schools also ranked in the lowest category statewide, although academic performance rankings of some LB middle schools and -- especially some LB elementary schools -- was markedly better than LB high schools which (with few exceptions) ranked at basically mediocre levels. Some rankings were higher when compared academic performance was compared only to so-called "similar schools" (based on demographic factors, details below). posts a link below to the latest data for all LBUSD schools (high, middle, elementary) from the CA Dept. of Education. In the public interest, is also posting this link on our "schools" page (left side of our front page and article pages) which provides a constant data source for future reference.

    LBUSD's Jordan and Cabrillo rank in decile 1 (the lowest of 10), with each decile containing 10% of all schools of that type (high, middle, elementary school). When the CA Dept. of Education adjusted the data to compare only so-called "similar" schools (using factors including pupil mobility, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status, and percentage of teachers fully credentialed, holding emergency credentials, and pupils who are English language learners), the two schools still ranked near bottom: Cabrillo (decile 2) and Jordan (decile 3).

    With the exception of the CA Academy of Math and Science (which scored in decile 10 among all CA high schools and so-called "similar schools") LBUSD high schools ranked in grades 9-12 displayed generally mediocre academic performance: Millikan (decile 4), Lakewood and Wilson (decile 5). and Poly (decile 6).

    When the state adjusted the data to compare so-called, the numbers came out higher: Avalon (decile 10), Poly (decile 8), Lakewood (decile 7), Millikan & Wilson (decile 6).

    3 of LBUSD's 15 middle schools (1 in 5 or 20%) performed at the bottom (decile 1). Washington, Franklin and Constellation Comm. When the state adjusted the data to compare them only to so-called "similar" schools, the scores increased: Washington & Constellation (decile 6), Franklin (decile 4).

    However unlike LB high schools, some LB middle schools did display high scores when compared to others statewide: Rogers (decile 9), and Bancroft, Hughes and Stanford (decile 8).

    And when adjusted to compare "similar schools" among middle schools, scores were even higher: Rogers & Hughes (decile 10), Bancroft & Stanford (decile 9), with other LB middle schools also reaching this level among "similar schools."

    A number of LBUSD elementary schools performed at excellent levels compared to all other elementary schools statewide: Fremont, Gant, Lowell, Naples scored in decile 10 with a number of others scoring in deciles 8 and 9.

    Schools are considered a major factor in determining property values (and thus property tax revenue to City Hall) with families naturally gravitating to areas with better school districts.

    The LB City Council will be holding its Feb. 25 meeting at NLB's Jordan High. Several LB Councilmembers (incumbent Bonnie Lowenthal, alumni Jenny Oropeza and Jerry Shultz) reached the City Council via stints on the LBUSD Board of Education. LBUSD Board meetings at its WLB HQ are open to the public, but the LBUSD Board of Education has not authorized their broadcast on LBUSD's existing cable channel.

    Los Angeles Board of Education televises its meetings, and the LB Community College Board of Trustees has recently voted to begin televising its meetings. LB school activist (and former ELB school board candidate) Jeannine McManigal-Ball has begun self-videotaping the LB school board meetings, and the City of Lakewood is televising the tapes on its cable channel. LBUSD Board meetings continue to remain inaccessible to LB residents on television.

    To access the latest (2002) Academic Performance Index rankings for all LBUSD schools, click on 2002 Academic Performance Index rankings for all LBUSD schools.

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