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    Councilwoman Lowenthal, Harbor Commissioner Cordero & LB Port Exec. Dir. Steinke Discuss LNG Proposal on City Hall TV Show

    (February 1, 2004) -- posts below a portion of the Long Beach City Hall-produced TV program "Heart of the City" which aired repeatedly in January 2004 on LBTV cable channel 8.

    During her roughly quarter-hour segment of the show, 1st district Councilwoman Bonnie Lowenthal chats with LB Harbor Commissioner Mario Cordero and Port of LB Executive Director Richard Steinke about Long Beach Port-related matters...including an LNG terminal proposed to be sited within the Port. The LNG facility is proposed by Sound Energy Solutions (SES), a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation.

    In November 2003, Councilwoman Lowenthal travelled to asia with officials of the Port of Long Beach, including Commissioner Cordero and Executive Director Steinke, and the parties refer to the trip during their televised discussion.

    1st district map.gen'l LNG areaCouncilwoman Lowenthal's district is shown in the yellow portion of the map to the right.

    The general area for the proposed LNG facility is roughly indicated in red, and a more detailed map with site configuration can be viewed on the SES web site at proposed LB LNG site.

    [begin text]

    Councilwoman Lowenthal: Would you like to talk a little bit about Japan? We went to see the LNG facility there, and because we are contemplating one here I think that might be really interesting for our viewers.

    Mr. Steinke: I think I was, again, very impressed with the facility that we saw. We saw not only an LNG facility, a receiving facility, but it was attached to a power plant. A great percentage of the energy produced in Tokyo Bay for the residents in Tokyo and around Tokyo is through LNG. It's a proven technology for them. They're very comfortabe with it.

    And we went to see a Mitsubishi facility and that is the entity that we have a letter of agreement with, so we wanted to see how it was successfully done in Tokyo. We had a good meeting with Mitsubishi to understand that, but I think that that really is one of the new energy sources in the future, at least for the west coast of the United States and we're looking forward to moving forward in the process.

    We have a long way to go through environmental studies, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has a significant involvement, the state will be involved too, but I think we saw a glimpse of what we might be able to see: a clean technology, something very good for the city as well as the Port.

    Councilwoman Lowenthal: Now the ship that we saw unloading that day, was the fuel for that ship also LNG?

    Mr. Steinke: I believe that ship also ran on LNG which, again, would produce very few ship emissions, and so that's another impressive aspect of LNG carriers, is not only do they transport LNG but they run on LNG to burn the fuel in their engines.

    Councilwoman Lowenthal: Mario, were you going to say something about the LNG?

    Harbor Commissioner Cordero: Well I just want to also indicate that with regard to the Port of Long Beach, you know the [Port of LB] "Healthy Harbor" initiative addressed three basic elements here: air quality, water quality and concern for wildlife. And with that, I'd like to emphasize how, my impression when we left is that Long Beach, this Port here, we are taking the lead, or we have taken the lead, with regard to environmental issues.

    And in relating this to these latest alternative fuel options that we're exploring, moving forward with the LNG, it's an exciting development because once that comes into fruition, it would be the first LNG port facility in the west coast of the United States. And that to me says a lot, not only about this Port but about this city. Again, another example how they take the lead with regard to some of these alternative fuel projects.

    Councilwoman Lowenthal: N=w the Boston LNG facility has been there for how many years?

    Mr. Steinke: Probably about twenty years.

    Councilwoman Lowenthal: Same as Tokyo.

    Mr. Steinke: That's right.

    Councilwoman Lowenthal: And you never hear about it, and that's a good thing.

    Mr. Steinke: That's true.

    Councilwoman Lowenthal: That's a good thing.

    Mr. Steinke: That's true.

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