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    Bry Myown Launches 2d District Council Bid With Endorsements Of Councilwoman Rae Gabelich And...

    (Feb. 24, 2006) -- Bry Myown, 2d district neighborhood advocate, community leader and LNG-project opponent, has filed papers with LB's City Clerk indicating her intention to seek the 2d district Council seat vacated by Dan Baker...and announced endorsements by 8th District Councilmember Rae Gabelich and past CA Public Utilities Commission President Loretta Lynch.

    "Her background and commitment to quality of life issues, her knowledge of local government and her vision of smart, sustainable growth all make her the candidate to best represent our vibrant 2nd district," said Councilwoman Gabelich in a written statement (full text below). "She listens, she communicates and she gives her undivided attention to the community issues at hand."

    Former CPUC Commissioner Lynch was brief and emphatic: "Bry is one courageous individual. She is not about business as usual."

    LNG EIR hearing Nov. 30/05 Millikan HighMs. Myown (previously chair of the Rose Park Neighborhood Association and a 2nd District aide to then-Councilman, now Sacramento lawmaker Alan Lowenthal) has been an outspoken presence on multiple LB issues. Her name appears in news stories ranging from Queensway Bay and Port pollution to ethics enforcement and Charter reform, in addition to her appointments to City and County task forces (Social Services, Sober and Congregate Living, Energy, Government Reform) and advocacy on environmental issues.

    Since 2003, Ms. Myown has spearheaded opposition to a proposal to locate an 80+ million gallon Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facility in the Port of LB, advancing the issue to the point where LB city management and multiple CA agencies now voice concerns consistent with those she first articulated. All three major mayoral candidates now publicly oppose locating the LNG facility in the Port.

    Ms. Myown said her qualifications and the initial comments she's received in response to her candidacy show "grassroots 2nd district, city, regional, national and international relationships that are a counterpoint to resumes and references more often funded by taxpayers or expense accounts."

    Rose Park area neighbor Jim Wille said Ms. Myown started out by "battling drug houses, decrepit alleys and city apathy to form an effective and cohesive Neighborhood Watch program" and was "a key figure in gaining Rose Park's historical status and was instrumental in staving off detrimental development and rezoning." He said she then began "helping the 2nd District and the city in the same way she helped her neighborhood" by confronting issues including petroleum coke dust and the LNG project.

    "Volunteers have had to learn to collaborate, empower others and conserve resources to survive," Ms. Myown told us, "and the survival of our neighborhoods and the planet demand governments that collaborate, empower the public, conserve resources and protect everyone's back yards."

    Ms. Myown provided the following initial responses to her candidacy [titles below for identification purposes only]:

    • Loretta Lynch, Executive in Residence, U.C. Berkeley; Past President, California Public Utilities Commission: "Bry is a fearless community leader and a visionary for safety in her hometown. I enthusiastically endorse her."

    • Mel Nutter, downtown attorney, past chair, California Coastal Commission: "Bry has demonstrated a rare set of skills this City needs: the ability to focus intensely, deeply, honestly and effectively on issues that affect the quality of life in Long Beach."

    • Alan Tolkoff, Past President, Wrigley Association: "Bry is a woman of integrity, friendship and commitment. She is dedicated to honest government and what is best for Long Beach"

    • Joan Greenwood, Wrigley Association President: "Bry's ability to research complex issues and propose achievable solutions makes me proud to be one of her strongest supporters. Clearly, she is the best qualified candidate for the Second District Council seat."

    • Elton Gatewood, Ph.D., Past President, Neighborhoods U.S.A.: "Bry is well respected by her peers, locally and nationally, and is a strong advocate for cooperation, consensus building and collaboration. She has been, and will continue to be, an agent of change by exercising the democratic principles of transparency, mutual respect and a sense of fair play."

    • Carla Garcia Zendejas, Directora en México, Grupo de Trabajo de Termoeléctricas Fronterizas, Tijuana, Baja California: "Bry Myown strengthened the work of groups in Baja California against natural gas re-gasification plants, by knowing the impacts on our communities. Bry became one more neighbor, one more committed neighbor, in protecting our quality of life. Regional struggles are difficult, but Bry continues to be an important part of our struggle south of the Border."

    • Holly Light, Musician, 2nd District resident: "Residents of Long Beach couldn’t find a more effective representative then Bry Myown."

    Councilwoman Gabelich's endorsement statement follows:

    [begin text]

    Councilwoman Gabelich: Bry has given tirelessly not only to her neighborhoods in the 2nd district, but she has been passionate when it comes to improving the quality of life for all of Long Beach citizens.

    Her past two years have been focused on the health and safety issues related to port growth and the proposed LNG project for our Port of Long Beach. Prior to carrying the torch for all of us, she worked diligently within her 2nd district to clean and improve the 2nd district community.

    Whether it has been creating Neighborhood Watch programs, supporting historical preservation or encouraging others to stand up for what they believe in, Bry has shown passion and determination in her dedicated effort to improve her community, our city. She gives of herself, without expectations.

    Bry Myown with her background and commitment to quality of life issues, her knowledge of local government and her vision of smart, sustainable growth all make her the candidate to best represent our vibrant 2nd district. She listens, she communicates and she gives her undivided attention to the community issues at hand.

    It is an honor to endorse Bry Myown to serve as the 2nd district Councilmember for our great city of Long Beach.

    As of Feb. 24 at 8:25 a.m., the LB City Clerk's office said it had received papers indicating an intention to seek the vacant 2d district Council seat from Ms. Myown and Sonny Bozeman, a cable TV host who waged an unsuccessful write-in campaign against then-incumbent Councilman Dan Baker in 2004.

    A winner-take-all special election is scheduled in June 2006 to fill the Council seat vacated by Baker in early February.

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