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    City Hall Permit Indicates LB Convention & Visitors Bureau Is Paying For Police, City Services @ Amgen Bike Tour/Lifestyle Festival; We Post Salient Permit Terms

    (February 24, 2007) -- The Long Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau (LBCVB), for which the LB City Council provides roughly $4 million in public money annually, will be covering the cost of police and public services related to the Feb. 24-25 Amgen Tour of CA & Lifestyle Festival, the event permit issued by City Hall indicates.

    The information is among the terms in the 18 page permit, a copy of which was requested by and provided to us by LB's Office of Special Events & Planning.

    The permit includes a businesslike (apparently standard) cover letter stating that the permit "is granted subject to the rules and regulations established by the City Council and/or the City Manager or the City Managerís designee" and that the permitee "agrees to comply with all other requirements of the City, County, State, Federal Government, and any other applicable entity, which may pertain to the use of the Event venue and the conduct of the Event."

    LBCVB, the lead organization named in the event permit, is a privately operated entity, but makes its board meetings open to the public [unlike some other LB private entities receiving public money]. LBCVB receives roughly $4 million annually from LB's hotel room ("transient occupancy") tax. Under LBCVB President Steve Goodling, LB's hotel room tax receipts have climbed to (city budgeted numbers) $16+ million in FY 06, expected $17+ million FY 07 (both are record sums). Under a Council-approved allocation, half of LB's hotel room tax goes to LB's General Fund while the other half is divided between several items including a "Special Advertising and Promotion Fund" which supports CVB.

    The Feb. 24-25 event permit includes the following:

    ...Estimate of Expenses

    Based on the description of activities provided by the permitee, the following expenses are the responsibility of the event producer.

    Long Beach Municipal Code 5.60.090 (A) states that in addition to the payment of the nonrefundable permit application fee or daily fee, the permitee) shall pay the city for all city departmental services charges incurred in connection with or due to the permittee's activities under the permit unless said departmental services charges are funded, partially funded or waived by action of the city council. Additionally, if city property is destroyed or damaged by reason of permittee's use, event or activity, the permittee shall reimburse the city for the actual replacement or repair cost of the destroyed or damaged property.

    Estimate of Expenses/Amount

    Office of Special Events:
    Permit Fees: $1,500
    Administrative Fees: $6,601.85
    Application Fee: $350.00
    Subtotal: $8,451.85

    Public Safety External Services
    Fire - Operations - $4,945.00
    Fire - Lifeguards $288.00
    Police - Special Events $43,086.00
    Subtotal $48,319.00

    Internal Service
    Public Works/Engineering: $1,890.00
    Public Works/Refuse: $2,594.54
    Public Works/Street Sweep: $$2,371.04
    Public Works/Traffic: $31,000
    Subtotal: $37,855.58

    Total Estimate of Expenses $94,626.43

    The permit terms total 18 pages; we excerpt some salient portions below:

    The Long Beach Police Department in conjunction with the Public Works will control outer perimeter street closures, reopenings and detours.

    Public Works shall handle all detours and securing the route including the closure of the 710 Freeway and detour to Broadway and closure of northbound lanes of the Queensway Bridge...

    Events will not begin until the Police Department has deemed the course closed and safe to proceed.

    Public Works shall determine when the course is safe to be reopened to traffic. Public Works will authorize the release of volunteers and course marshals from barricades and locations on course...

    Community Outreach: Close coordination must continue with businesses and organizations: including Councilmembers from Districts 1, 2 , & 3, homeowner associations, property managers as well as business owners and organizations. Since your route travels through dense residential areas, all owners/residents of affected homes/apartments/businesses must be informed by flyer of your route and the impact on access to the area and street parking. Residents along the race route will be notified by means of a "flyer" to be prepared by your organization and distributed 30 days, but no later than 15 days, in advance of the event. The "flyer" must be approved by this office prior to distribution. The flyer must reflect hours of closure and indicate ingress and egress routes for residents. The "flyer" must be submitted to my office by February 1 for approval prior to distribution to impacted residents.

    Continuous coordination with all affected professional/business/retail establishments and residents along the race course must be maintained before, during and after the race, including downtown and Belmont Shore areas.

    The Downtown Long Beach and Belmont Shore merchants associations will receive a copy of this letter. However, as indicated earlier in this writing, you should make personal contact with these entities as well as the homeowner groups we have discussed.

    Parking: Arrangements must be made by you to secure parking for participants and spectators. Area maps identifying off-site parking should be provided on the event web site, to help reduce parking concerns. Unless otherwise advised by this office, all public parking signs, warnings and curb markings will be enforced for the duration of your event. Violators will be subject to tow and registered owners will be subject to citation. Please contact [city reps designated] to coordinate parking in the downtown area.

    Signage: It is the responsibility of the CVB to coordinate a signage plan that will direct event attendees to the race venue. In addition, signage will need to be created and displayed to direct the general public to the Aquarium of the Pacific, Catalina Express, Pier Pointe Landing, DDR properties/The Pike, Long Beach Convention Center, Rainbow Harbor, and other businesses and destinations in the downtown area. Please contact [designated city reps] to coordinate the signage plan in conjunction with the parking plan in the downtown area.

    [Listed among generic terms and conditions. "Please note that any and all items below may apply to your event"]


    ...The Long Beach Police Department has the final authority to determine your event security requirements. If the prescribed numbers of licensed private security guards are not provided, or proven to be inadequate, the Long Beach Police Department maintains the right to shut down any or all components of the event and/or to provide additional police services that will be billed directly to the Host Organization...On a reasonable basis, the Long Beach Police Department shall have full rights of inspection and patrol of your event festival, inside and out, by uniformed and/or plain clothes police officers...

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