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  • (Feb. 11, 2010) -- provides below maps displayed at a public meeting by LBPD. We requested digital copies for accuracy, and LBPD provided them to us in the form provided here.

    We identify below what the maps show plus additional data and context provided to us in a Feb. 10 meeting with Deputy Police Chief Robert Luna (Patrol Bureau), North Division Commander David Hendricks, Lt. Joe Levy (Patrol Bureau) and North Division's crime analyst. invites our readers' analysis and comments on these data below. What conclusions do you draw from them? What additional data would you like to see?

    Background: The maps below were displayed at a Feb. 4 standing room only public meeting at LBPD's North Division Station by Commander Dave Hendricks. Among those present were Councilmembers Rae Gabelich and Tonia Reyes Uranga. was present and covered the event as a news story.. [To our knowledge, the independent SignalTribune was the only other news outlet to cover the event in person].

    The first map below reflects murders, shootings, all firearms related crimes, rapes, robberies and all attempted crimes in these categories.

    LBPD released map (Feb. 10, 2010)

    The second map below reflects commercial burglaries, residential burglaries, garage burglaries, auto burglaries, auto thefts and all attempted crimes in these categories.

    LBPD released map (Feb. 10, 2010)

    To enlarge the maps for pdf images (you'll get both maps in one file), click their images above.

    These maps should be viewed in context. Data below was presented at the Feb. 4 meeting indicating the following 2009 year end statistics:

    Citywide, total crime is down 2.7% (2009 v. 2008), including these geographic data:

  • LBPD has four divisions (meaning divisions span multiple Council districts. In terms of divisional data:

    Image source: LBPD website

    Crime Density by LBPD Division
    Division% of Geographic Area% of Population

    [Note: re "Part I" and "Part II" crime terminology below (used by law enforcement nationally). Part I crimes are violent [in general, more serious] crimes. Part I crimes are often broken down into two subparts: Part I Crimes Against Persons (Murder, Manslaughter, Forced Rape, Robbery, and Aggravated Assault) and Part I Crimes Against Property (Residential and Commercial Burglary, Auto Burglary, Grand Theft, Petty Theft, Bicycle Theft, Auto Theft and Arson). Part II crimes are all other crimes.]

    Part I Crime

    Part II Crime

    Total Crime
    DivisionPercentageChange 2009 vs. 2008
    North22.5%Down 11.5% compared to 2008
    West22.9%Down 7.4% compared to 2008
    South23.4%Up 3.4% compared to 2008
    East31.3%Up 4.2% compared to 2008

    After the Feb. 4 meeting, LBPD provided these additional data below to

    • Total Part 1 crimes since roughly 2002 have dropped about 16%.
    • Part I crimes (combined, against persons and property) are down 2.2% from 2008 to 2009.
    • Gang shootings are down 6.6%
    • Robberies are down 7%
    • Commercial burglaries are down
    • Residential burglaries are up
    • Reported rapes are up
    • Bike thefts are up

    • In five year averages, crime is down in major categories

      • Murders, down 4.8%
      • Assaults w/ deadly weapon: down 23%
      • Robberies: down 7%
      • Comm'l burglaries: down 8.6%
      • Garage burglaries: down 21%
      • Auto burglaries: down 9.8%
      • Grand theft auto: down 28%

    In a Feb. 10 meeting with us at LBPD HQ, Deputy Chief Luna (alongside Commander Hendricks, Lt. Josef Levy and LBPD North Division's crime analyst) indicated the following. Deputy Chief Luna said that LBPD is:

  • (1) Mission Focused to continue making the city safer. The data show that what LBPD and the City are doing have been very effective in reducing crime.

  • (2) Approaches tasks with an accountability mindset (data driven and empirical). This includes focusing on problems and seeking results. LBPD's deployment and application of resources isn't done randomly; it is data driven from dispatch to crime analysis. LBPD also annually redeploys its resources based on annual data (LBPD will be making its annual redeployments on Feb. 13.

  • (3) Applies a problem-solving approach to public safety. The City of LB utilizes "community oriented governance" that gets other City departments involved. (Examples include bulldozing blighted, problem-properites.)

  • (4) Welcomes community involvement and applies a community involvement perspective. LBPD encourages community assistance on multiple levels. These include reporting suspicious activities...and the public has been particularly helpful in the apprehension of burglary suspects).

    Deputy Chief Luna said that by nature, Divisional Commanders are competitive as it relates to reducing and preventing crime. "We expect zero crime in our city and our hard working men and women of this Department are doing a great job at reducing and preventing crime."

    All of these factors, working together, have made LB safer. adds these caveats: The above crime data come with limitations inherent to all crime data, not detailed here. For example, they only show reported crimes; some crimes may not be reported or may be underreported, etc. These limitations don't make the data useless; they are akin to an X-ray or an ultrasound; they're imperfect and benefit from interpretation. We welcome yours.

    Finally: crime data are more than numbers. They reflect what happened to real people. Regardless of whether they're categorized as crimes against persons or crimes against property, every crime is a crime against a person.

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