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Preface / Amnesia file: In 1994, LB's then-prominent progressive group ("Long Beach Area Citizens Involved"/LBACI) and Councilman Alan Lowenthal (whom they'd help elect) urged enactment of "Proposition M," dubbed the "Long Beach Campaign Reform Act." Placed on the ballot by the City Council and approved by a vote of the people of Long Beach, it included limits on campaign contributions in candidate races acompanied by the following finding (still visible in LB Muni Code section 2.01.120 (E)):

"Officeholders are responding to high campaign costs by raising large amounts of money in off-election years. This fund-raising distracts them from important public matters, encourages contributions which may have a corrupting influence and gives incumbents an overwhelming and patently unfair fund-raising advantage over potential challengers...The integrity of the governmental process, the competitiveness of campaigns and public confidence in local officials are all diminishing..."

In 1995, the City Council (without a vote of the people and over the objections of a number of Prop M supporters) created "officeholder accounts" that let incumbents collect officeholder contributions in relatively small amounts outside of election cycles for mainly Council district items. In 2007, at the urging of Mayor Bob Foster and with the support of City Auditor Laura Doud, the Council raised the allowable officeholder account totals incumbents could collect, describing this as a way to use contributor-provided sums instead of spending taxpayer-budgeted sums for some Council office desired items.

This remained unchanged until mid-2014, when Robert Garcia took office as Mayor along with Council members Lena Gonzalez, Suzie Price, Stacy Mungo, Roberto Uranga and Rex Richardson joining Councilmembers Suja Lowenthal, Patrick O'Donnell, Dee Andrews and Al Austin. In 2015, Daryl Supernaw succeeded O'Donnell; in 2016 Jeannine Pearce succeeded Suja Lowenthal...and on split votes in 2015 and 2017, Council majorities proceeded to undo much of what LB voters sought to do roughly 20+ years earlier. The results are visible below.

(Feb 9, 2019, 11:30 p.m.) -- provides "Follow the Money" coverage below listing entities and individuals that gave money in the second half of 2018 to the "officeholder account" of re-elected Mayor Robert Garcia.

As the data below show, Mayor Garcia benefited significantly from changes made to LB laws by Council majorities during his first term of office. In 2015, a Council majority voted 5-3 (Austin, Price, Mungo dissenting, 4th dist. vacant) to triple the amounts LB incumbents can collect annually in contributions to their officeholder accounts. In April 2017, a Council majority voted (5-3, Supernaw, Price, Mungo dissenting) to politically weaponize their officeholder accounts by letting incumbents give sums from their "officeholder account" to help fund campaigns of their favored candidates running for other city, state and federal offices.

The net result allowed citywide incumbents (such as the Mayor) to collect up to $75,000 (up from $25,000 annually) with Councilmembers allowed to collect up to $30,000 annually (up from $10,000.) In the second half of 2018, Mayor Garcia collected $45,799.99 in contributions to his officeholder account (reaching $68,848.99 for the full year.)

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Robert Garcia officeholder account notes
July 2, 2018Christopher Wacker (CEO, Laserfiche) $1,000
July 5, 2018Bradley Decter (CEO Our Best Assets, Inc)$250
July 6, 2018Ana Maria McGuan$250
July 10, 2018Randall Hernandez (Banker/Executive Union Bank)$500Mr. Hernandez is a Mayoral appointee (currently chairs) City Hall's Economic Development Commission]
July 10, 2018Arthur Levine (Professor CSULB)$150Prof. Levine is a Mayoral appointee to LB's Water Comm'n
July 10, 2018Ross Riddle (Pres/CEO South Coast Shingle)$500
July 12, 2018Marcela Chavez$100
July 12, 2018Kathleen Irvine$100
July 12, 2018Dennis McConkey$500
July 16, 2018CA Nurses Ass'n Political Action Committee$1,000
July 16, 2018Long Beach Yellow Cab Cooperative$1,000
July 17, 2018444 W. Ocean, LLC$1,000
July 17, 2018Timothy Aldrete$500
July 17, 2018Michael Barber$500
July 17, 2018Beekman Beebe$500
July 17, 2019Rick Dessai (Owner R Bar)$1,000
July 17, 2018Doug Otto (Att'y at Law)$250
July 17, 2018Russell Doyle (Financial Advisor, Wells Fargo Advisor$350
July 17, 2018Michael Dunfee$250
July 17, 2018Matthew Faulkner (Exec. Dir. Community Hospital LB Foundation$100
July 17, 2018Mark Hopson (Development Engr L3_Con)$100
July 17, 2018Julia Huang (Business Executive, Intertrend)$1,000
July 17, 2018Samuel A, Keesal, Jr. (Att'y, Keesal, Young & Logan$1,000
July 17, 2018Donald Keith Kennedy (Pres. Beaumark Group, Inc.)$100
July 17, 2018Fahranaz Khaleghi (Exec. Dir. Community Improvement League)$250
July 17, 2018Janet K. Lee (Real Eatate Broker, SPOA So Cal)$100
July 17, 2018Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce PAC$500
July 17, 2018LB Police Officers Political Action Committee$1,000
July 17, 2018Darla McAllister (Appraiser, SPOA So Cal)$100
July 17, 2018Marsha Naifi$1,000
July 17, 2018Feliciano Orozco (Owner, Aluminum Precision Products)$500
July 17, 2018Carmen O. Perez$100
July 17, 2018Jeffrey O. Prang (L.A. County Assessor$250
July 17, 2018Sean Rawson (Developer, Waterford Group$1,000
July 17, 2018Sofia Riley (Business Development, TGIS Catering Services)$500
July 17, 2018Tony Shooshani (Real Estate Agent, Shooshani Developers, LLC$250
July 17, 2018SMG$1,000
Aug. 8, 2018Center Cal Properties (El Segundo)$1,000
Aug. 8, 2018<.td>Environmental Construction Group$500
Aug. 8, 2018Universal Technical Institute (Scottsdale, AZ)$500
Aug. 8, 2018Tgrene Energy Fund (Petaluma, CA)$500
Aug. 13, 2018CA Teamsters Public Affairs Council$1,000
Aug. 15, 2018Tesoro Companies$1,000
Aug. 27, 2018UA Journeymen & Apprentices Local PAC 250$1,000
Sep. 27, 2018L.A./OC Building & Construction Trades Council PAC$500
Oct. 1, 2018Foss Maritime Co. (Seattle, WA)$500
Oct. 29, 2019Committee to Expand the Middle Class, Supported by Airbnb$1,000
Nov. 29, 2018Ana Maria McGuan (second $250 contrib)$250
Dec. 10, 2018Phyllis Venable (Consultant, Silhouette Consulting Group$100
Dec. 14, 2018Randall Hernandez (Banker/Executive Union Bank) (in addition to $500 July 10)$250Mr. Hernandez is a Mayoral appointee (currently chairs) City Hall's Economic Development Commission]
Dec. 14, 2018Gerald R. Miller$250Retired LB City Mgr.
Dec. 14, 2018Elissa Briggs Thomas (Transportation, CSULB$1,000
Dec. 17, 2018Gloria Cordero (Business Owner, Cordero & Associates$250Ms. Cordero is a Mayoral appointee to LB's Water Comm'n
Dec. 17, 2018Mark Hopson (Development Engr L3_Con)(in add'n to $100 July 17)$200
Dec. 17, 2018Feliciano Olague$500Business Owner, Precision Products, Inc.
Dec. 17, 2018Rockefeller Kempel Architects (San Pedro)$500
Dec. 17, 2018Dan Salas (CEO, Harbor Breeze Cruises)$1,000
Dec. 17, 2018Targeted Technologies, LLC$250
Dec. 20, 2018Bradley Decter (CEO Our Best Assets, Inc)$100
Dec. 20, 2018Sayles Management Co., LLC (Culver City)$500
Dec. 20, 2018The Lamar Companies (Los Angeles)$1,000
Dec. 28, 2018Coca Cola North America$800
Dec. 31, 2018Beta 3 Group$1,000
Dec. 31, 2018CA Apt. Ass'n PAC$500
Dec. 31, 2018dba Shoreline Village Enterprises ABA Enterprises, LLC$1,000
Dec. 31, 2018Bradley Decter (CEO Our Best Assets, Inc)$500
Dec. 31, 2018Grand Prix Ass'n of Long Beach, LLC$500
Dec. 31, 2018Maricela Guillermo$250
Dec. 31, 2018Int'l Union of Operating Engineers Local 12 (Pasadena, CA)$1,000
Dec. 31, 2018Kambiz Babaoff$500
Dec. 31, 2018Gary Kirkpatrick (Sherman Oaks)$500
Dec. 31, 2018Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters PAC (Los Angeles)$800



In the second half of 2018, Mayor Garcia used his officeholder account to give $5,500 to the Los Angeles County Democratic Party (plus $400 for a print ad); $1,000 to the Long Beach Democratic Club; $1,000 to campaign to elect Betty Yee State Controller; and $1,000 to the campaign to elect Fiona Ma State Treasurer.

Garcia also used his officeholder account to give sums it listed as civic donations to the Rotary Club of LB ($750), United Cambodian Community ($500), Cambodia Town Film Festival ($1,000), CSULB Associated Students ($500). Centro Cha ($1,000) and Khmer Parent Association ($1,000)

Garcia's officeholder account ended 2018 with a cash balance of $8,635.88 and outstanding debts (unpaid bills) of $3,241.33.




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