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(Feb 13, 2019, 11:10 a.m.) --'s "Follow the Money" coverage provides below the names of entities and individuals who within a recent five day period made campaign contributions totaling over $80,000 to support electing LB Councilwoman Lena Gonzalez to a LB-Huntington Park state Senate seat.

Candidate Gonzalez's latest campaign contributors detailed below include the LB Police Officers Ass'n PAC, the Apt. Ass'n California Southern Cities, the UniteHere union (among several union PACs), Mayor Garcia's remaining 2018 re-election campaign warchest, Bob and Nancy Foster (LB Mayor 2006-14 and spouse) and election campaign committees of SF state Senator Scott Wiener (author of pro-housing development land use legislation that in cases preempts some local decisionmaking) and the state Senate district's immediate-past state Senator, Ricardo Lara.

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The campaign contributions listed immediately below (Feb. 5-9) include those received at or after a Feb. 7 downtown LB fundraiser organized by LB Mayor Robert Garcia which by our unofficial reckoning netted the Gonzalez 2019 campaign $84,200 between Feb. 5-9. Those sums come on top of $20,400 in early contributions to the Gonzalez 2019 campaign between Jan. 23-Feb. 1, also listed below.



Lena Gonzalez for Senate 2019 (1415216)

Feb. 9, 2019Long Beach Collective Ass'n$4,700
Feb. 9, 2019Samuel A. ("Skip") Keesal, Esq.$1,000
Feb. 8, 2019Josh Lowenthal$1,000
Feb. 8, 2019James Eleopoulos (Signal Hill, "Big E Pizza" owner)$2,500
Feb. 8, 2019District Council of Iron Workers Political Action League$2,500
Feb. 8, 2019Patrick O'Donnell (Assemblyman)$2,000
Feb. 8, 2019Int'l Longshoreman Warehouse Workers Union PAC Local 13$3,500
Feb. 8, 2019Re-Elect Scott Wiener for State Senate 2020 (San Francisco)$1,000
Feb. 8, 2019Ricardo Lara for Insurance Comm'r 2018$4,700
Feb. 8, 2019Stephanie Graves (Pres. Lee Andrews Group, Los Angeles)$1,000
Feb. 8, 2019Matt Knabe (Lobbyist, Englander, Knabe & Allen$1,000
Feb. 7, 2019Michael Tumanjan (Tumanjan Homes, Palos Verdes Estates)$1,000
Feb. 7, 2019Garcia for Mayor 2018$4,700
Feb. 7, 2019Elaine Hutchison (Mgr., Paragon Equities)$1,000
Feb. 7, 2019Uprite Construction (Irvine, CA)$4,700
Feb. 7, 2019Apt. Ass'n CA Southern Cities$2,500
Feb. 8, 2019KOA Consulting (Huntington Beach)$2,500
Feb. 7, 2019Unite Here Local 11$2,000
Feb. 7, 2019Vasquez for Downey City Council$1,000
Feb. 7, 2019Nilda Langstron (Harbor Breeze Exec.)$1,000
Feb. 7, 2019Shooshani Developers$1,000
Feb. 6, 2019Nancy Foster$1,000
Feb. 6, 2019Robert Foster [lists himself as "consultant"; was LB Mayor 2006-14]$1,000
Feb. 6, 2019CA State Council of Service Employees$8,800
Feb. 6, 2019LB Police Officers Ass'n PAC$4,700
Feb. 6, 2019LB Police Officers Ass'n PAC [two separate transactions]$4,700
Feb. 6, 2019SA Recycling$4,000
Feb. 6, 2019Kambiz Babaoff (Ensemble Developments)$1,000
Feb. 5, 2019Kevin Peterson (P2S Inc., Engr.)$1,000
Feb. 5, 2019Nat'l Union of Healthcare Workers Candidate Committee$2,300
Feb. 5, 2019Gail Pla (Cordoba Corp. partner)$4,700
Feb. 5, 2019George Pla (Cordoba Corp. CEO)$4,700
Feb. 5-9, 2019 = $84,200

PLUS these early contributions:

Lena Gonzalez for Senate 2019 (1415216) [Early contributions]

Jan. 23, 2019M Strategic Communications, LLC$1,000
Jan. 23, 2019Jamarah Hayner (JKH Consulting CEO)$4,700
Jan. 23, 2019Stephanie Graves, Los Angeles (Lee Andrews Group President)$2,500
Jan. 23, 2019North Cord Mgm't, LLC, Irvine$4,700
Jan. 24, 2019Craig Senia Calabasas (Mashcole Property Mgm't CEO)$1,000
Jan. 28, 2019Kyle Kazan (Beachfront Property Mgm't Real Estate Mgm't)$1,000
Jan. 28, 2019Michael Tumanjan (Tumanjan Homes, Palos Verdes Estates)$1,000
Feb. 1, 2019Susan Rubio for Senate 2022$2,500
Feb. 1, 2019Lola's Mexican Cuisine, Long Beach$1,000
Jab 23-Feb. 1, 2019 = $20,400


As of Feb. 12, the CA Secretary of State's website lists three active pro-Gonzalez campaign committees. They include "Lena Gonzalez for Senate 2019" (listed above) and "Lena Gonzalez for Senate 2020" (contributors below.) The two committees, both run by the Gonzalez campaign, are separate but the candidate can move money between them. (Whoever wins in 2019 will have to seek re-election in 2020.) There's also what appears to be an independent expenditure committee supporting Gonzalez, formed by persons or entities unclear at this point -- "Proven Progress PAC, A Committee Supporting Lena Gonzalez for Senate 2019." It hadn't listed any contributions as of Feb. 12.

Lena Gonzalez for Senate 2020 (1414677)
Jan. 18, 2019Compulink Mgm't Center, Long Beach$1,000
Jan. 18, 2019So. Cal Pipe Trades Dist. Council #16$9,300
Jan. 18, 2019Dale P. Warner LL (Hamburger Mary's Restaurant owner)$1,000
Jan. 21, 2019Frank Suryan, Newport Beach (Lyon Living CEO)$4,700
Jan. 23, 2019United Food & Comm'l Workers Union Local 324 PAC, Buena Park$4,700
Jan. 23, 2019UFCW Western States COuncil Candidates PAC, Buena Park$8,500
Jan. 23, 2019M Strategic Communications, LLC$1,000
Jan. 28, 2019Int'l Longshoreman Warehouse Workers Union PAC Local 13, San Pedro$5,000
As of Feb. 4: $35,200

Proven Progress PAC; A Committee Supporting Lena Gonzalez For Senate 2019
No disclosed contributions as of Feb. 12



Eight other Dem candidates besides Gonzalez entered the race, along with 2 Repubs and 1 Green. The full ballot candidate list is here LB Councilman Al Austin's name will remain on the ballot although he's announced he's ended campaigning for the seat without endorsing any specific Dem to date (LBREPORT.comm coverage here.)

Voters in roughly half of Long Beach, the largest city within the district, will have an opportunity to choose on March 26.

The CA Sec'y of State's website indicates voter registration in the LB-Huntington Park state Senate district is roughly 55% Dem, 28% "Decline to State" and just under 12% Repub. If no single candidate receives 50%+1 on March 26, the two highest finishers (regardless of Party) proceed to a June 4 runoff.

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