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LB Environmental/Grassroots Activist Diana Mann Says She Will Run For Mayor in 2002

(January 4, 2001) -- In a development that may foreshadow more sophisticated efforts to change City Hall's status quo, LB environmental and community activist Diana Mann says she will run for Mayor in 2002.

Ms. Mann openly supported Prop J, the grassroots-backed utility tax cutting measure that won with nearly 70% of the vote in November, 2000 despite efforts by City Hall to defeat it.

She also co-authored the ballot argument against Prop I, the City Hall counter-measure put on the ballot in an attempt to defeat Prop J.

Ms. Mann has opposed using taxpayer funds, subsidies or other "incentives" to promote private development. She has also testified against several City Hall-backed projects on environmental grounds, including the Council-approved Carnival Cruise Ship terminal (EIR now being litigated) and City Hall's previous "Queensway Bay" plan (some aspects now being reconsidered).

Ms. Mann, who chairs LB ECO-link, a network of local environmental and community activists. has proposed a "Gardens by the Sea" plan that includes greenspace and a restored waterfront in place of City Hall's previously proposed QW Bay movie theaters and retail stores.

She also hosts and produces the Charter Communications (cable TV channel 3) program "In Your Backyard" which deals with environmental and neighborhood issues.

Ms. Mann is married to Dr. Gordon Labedz, who chairs the Carnival cruise task force of the Surfrider Foundation. Surfrider has filed suit challenging the EIR and other City actions related to the Carnival Cruise Ship terminal.

Frank Colonna, an incumbent Councilmember who voted to oppose Prop J and to support several City Hall-backed projects that Ms. Mann and other LB activists have opposed, has indicated he may run for Mayor.

Other Council incumbents with voting records similar to Mr. Colonna on many issues are also reportedly considering a Mayoral run.

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