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Paternoster Leaving as LB City Hall's QW Bay Project Director, Going to Sunnyvale CA as Director of Community Development

(January 29, 2001) -- Robert Paternoster, a 23 year veteran of high level LB City Hall staff positions, is leaving as City Hall's Director of the QW Bay project effective March 2.

On March 5, he will join the City of Sunnyvale, CA as Director of Community Development, in charge of that City Hall's planning, building, code enforcement, redevelopment, housing and economic development. The city is located in Northern California's Silicon Valley.

Mr. Paternoster told

"There just comes a time when something new comes along and you want to try it. I've been in Long Beach for 23 years now, which is much longer than I ever anticipated remaining here, and the reason is because every time I was just getting ready to leave, something more exciting would come along, and I've just gotten up the "umph" to do it this time and move on, so that's what I'm doing."

Mr. Paternoster said came to LB City Hall in 1977 as Director of Planning and Building. He served in that position until 1994 until now-retired City Manager asked him to take on the job as Director of the Queensway Bay project. He noted he was also City Hall's staff coordinator in charge of staff input into City Hall's most recent "Strategic Plan" over the past two years and also worked with LBUSD in an ad hoc committee to help find and assemble sites for new schools.

When asked about QW Bay, Mr. Paternoster said, "What I can tell you right now, we're in that in-between stage right now where you're probably going to hear all kinds of stuff publicly sometime but there's nothing to talk about right now."

He added: "When you say Queensway Bay, you're probably talking about the commercial project. [We said yes]. When I talk about Queensway Bay, it's the whole 300 acre project that, as I say, the first half of it is done, the Aquarium, and Rainbow Harbor and Shoreline Park and the mitigation area and all that stuff, that was the big crunch that I spent most of my life on until 1998. Now when people say Queensway Bay, they're talking about the commercial portion, which is the last phase of the development, but that's really only half of Queensway Bay."

Text of Sunnyvale City Hall press release

The following is the verbatim text of a press release issued by the City of Sunnyvale re the appointment of Mr. Paternoster.

[begin text]

January 29, 2001


Sunnyvale, CA --- City Manager Robert LaSala announced the appointment of Robert Paternoster as Director of Community Development for the City of Sunnyvale. Paternoster is currently the director of the Queensway Bay project for the City of Long Beach and replaces David Boesch who left in July to become the City Manager of Menlo Park.

Paternoster has more than thirty-five years of public sector experience related to urban planning, development and redevelopment. In his current position, he manages all aspects of a 300-acre, $350 million shoreline development aimed at renewing and revitalizing downtown Long Beach. Prior to 1994, when he assumed this position, Paternoster served as the Director of Planning and Building for the City of Long Beach for 17 years. In that position, he oversaw a staff of over 100 and a budget of approximately $7 million. Prior to working in Long Beach, he served the cities of Pittsburg and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the City and County of San Francisco.

"Bob has a track record of successfully managing large and complex projects, as well as engaging diverse community interests in all aspects of planning, redevelopment, economic development, neighborhood revitalization, code enforcement, and strategic planning," said LaSala. "I am pleased to welcome someone with such broad-based experience to Sunnyvale," continued LaSala.

"Sunnyvale is a dynamic, diverse and well-managed city with a strong commitment to maintain and improve its quality of life. I look forward with enthusiasm to becoming a part of the community and the management team" said Paternoster.

Paternoster will start his new position on March 5. Robert Paternoster has a bachelor of science in civil engineering and a masters degree in city planning. He is married and has three grown children.

The Community Development Department is responsible for Planning, Building, Neighborhood Preservation and Code Enforcement, Housing, and Economic Development. It has a staff of 43 and a total budget of approximately $5 million.

Acting Director Marvin Rose will resume his duties as Public Works Director when Paternoster takes over in March.

"I am grateful to Marvin for filling in as director. He did an excellent job of leading the department during this period," said LaSala. [end text]

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