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Follow the Money for Mayor: Selected LB Campaign Disclosure Data

(February 2, 2002) -- In the public interest, posts below selected campaign contribution data from public record disclosure reports covering the period July 1, 2001 through December 31, 2001.

The reports below were filed by the respective campaigns by the due date of January 31, 2002.

( will be posting selected Council district campaign data separately).

Below is a quick overview of salient candidates in the Mayor's race, followed by selected contributors:

  • Baker: Cash on hand (as of Dec. 31, 2001): $75,341.78. Since January 1, 2001, Mr. Baker's campaign received a whopping $178,022.00. All contributions, no loans.

  • O'Neill: Cash on hand (as of Dec. 31, 2001): $51,142.57. Since January 1, 2001, Ms. O'Neill's campaign collected $123,729.00 (includes a $10,000 loan from Ms. O'Neill to her campaign)

  • Ryan: Cash on hand (as of Dec. 31, 2001): $32,628.55. Since January 1, 2001, Mr. Ryan's campaign received $70,807, which includes nearly $40,000 Mr. Ryan has personally put into the campaign (two contributions totaling $14,900, plus a $20,000 loan and a $5,000 loan to the campaign).

  • Grabinski: Cash on hand (as of Dec. 31, 2001): $17,512.14. Since January 1, 2001, the Grabinski campaign collected $46,616 (all of it since July 1) in contributions (includes a $6,000 loan from Mr. Grabinski to the campaign).
  • And in the category of "covering all bases":

  • JetBlue CEO David Neeleman contributed to three competing Mayoral candidates: Dan Baker, Ray Grabinski and Beverly O'Neill ($150 to each)
  • Rob Hankins, Exec. Dir. of LB's Public Corporation for the Arts, contributed to Dan Baker ($200 total since Jan.) and Beverly O'Neill ($250 total).
  • Dan Berns (westside businessman) gave $500 to both Norm Ryan and Ray Grabinski.
  • Z Concepts Marketing Communications gave $500 to Dan Baker & Beverly O'Neill, and $250 to Ray Grabinski.
  • Helen Kellogg, mother of former LB City Councilman Jeff Kellogg, gave $100 to Beverly O'Neill and Ray Grabinski.
  • (As previously reported by, during the Jan. 1-June 30 2001 reporting period, Queen's Seaport Development, Inc. (the entity run by Mr. Joe Prevratil that operates the Queen Mary under lease with City Hall) and Mr. Kenneth Walker (Pres., Farmers & Merchants Bank) each gave $500 to Beverly O'Neill and Dan Baker).

    The contributions to the candidates' campaigns may not be the only sums spent to influence voters in the coming weeks. Separate entities may also make their own "independent campaign expenditures" (for example, sending their own mailing that praises or lambastes a candidate) provided the activity is not controlled by or affiliated with a candidate's campaign.

    The data indicated below are for the candidates' own campaigns. LB's citywide election is April 9, 2002.

    In the interest of brevity, we are listing selected contributors (i.e. not all contributors or their occupations/employers are indicated below; there are simply too many).

    One final note: contributions to political campaigns are legally protected first amendment political activity. At the same time, CA law gives the public the right to know about them and requires political campaigns to disclose them in periodic filings. As indicated below, they did.

  • Dan Baker for Mayor
    (July 1-Dec. 31, 2001)

    Monetary contributions:$102,887.00
    Beginning cash balance:$70,445.59
    Cash payments made:$98,085.43
    Ending cash balance: $75,341.78

    Monetary contributions

    10/12/01Aerolease Long Beach DBA Aeroplex Aviation$500
    9/27/01Apt. Assn., CA Southern Cities/IPPAC$250
    9/25/01Arnold's Family Restaurant$500
    12/05/01Kambiz Babaoff [Managing Dir., Ensemble Investments]$250 (total for year: $500)
    9/25/01Beachrunners' Inn$50 (total for year: $350)
    12/31/01Broadway By The Sea$100
    10/15/01Brookfield Homes$500
    12/10/01CA Teamsters Public Affairs Council$500
    9/24/01Peter Cossavella [Developer, Camden Development]$500
    7/31/01Coventry Long Beach Plaza (Beachwood, OH)$250
    7/31/01Developers Diversified Realty Corp (Beachwood, OH)$250
    12/31/01Mark Fabiani$250 (total for year: $500)
    7/24/01Friends of Christine Kehoe, 76th Ass'y District (San Diego)$500
    12/19/01Goldberg Assembly Committee$500
    10/15/01Connie Hamilton$250 (total for year: $500)
    12/14/01Robert J. Hankins [Exec. Dir. Public Corporation for the Arts]$100 (total for year: $200)
    6/19/01Connie Hamilton$250
    12/31/01LB Lambda Democratic Club$250 (total for year: $500)
    12/6/01Jeri Medak$500
    9/25/01David Neeleman [CEO, JetBlue]$150
    9/25,12/05 & 12/31/01David Newell$400 (total for three contribs; total for year: $500)
    9/27 & 11/16/01Joanne O'Byrne$50 (total for two contribs; total for year: $100)
    10/25/01Kenneth Platek [member LB Airport Advisory Comm'n]$250 (total for year: $500)
    12/5/01Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 494 PAC$250 (total for year: $500)
    12/14/01Frank Quevedo [Vice Pres, So. Cal Edison]$99 (total for year: $198)
    12/14/01Signal Hill Petro$500
    10/19/01The Breakers of Long Beach, Inc.$500
    12/19/01UFCW Region 8 States Council Political Education Fund$500
    10/12/01Umberto, Inc.$250
    12/31/01Windes Inc. DBA Mums$500
    12/5/01Z Concepts Marketing Communications$500

    Committee to Write-In Beverly O'Neill for Mayor
    (July 1-Dec. 31, 2001)

    Monetary contributions:$47,666.00
    Beginning cash balance: $57,256.36
    Cash payments made:$53,779.79
    Ending cash balance:$51,142.57

    Monetary Contributions

    10/11/01Carl Calkins$100
    8/31/01Thomas J. Clark$100 (total for year: $200)
    11/14/01Corey J. Derby$300
    11/14/01Dianne Feinstein [U.S. Senator]$500
    10/04/01Robert J. Hankins [Exec. Dir., Public Corporation for the Arts]$250
    8/15/01Helen Kellogg$100
    9/5 & 11/14/01Robert Lamond$200 (total for two contributions)
    10/04/01Metropolitan Stevedore Co.$500
    10/29/01Lynn Moyer$200
    11/14/01George Murchison$200
    9/27/01David Neeleman [CEO JetBlue]$150
    11/14/01Douglas W. Otto$500
    8/31/01Robert W. Parkin [Judge, LA Superior Ct]$250
    8/24/01Michael Russell [Real Estate Developer, Boeing Realty Corp.], [Senior VP, PacifiCenter]$500
    11/1/01Michael Sears [CFO, Boeing Co.]$500
    11/5/01Thomas E. Shadden$100
    10/18/01>Marvin Suomi [Pres. & CEO Kajima Urban]$500
    7/3/01Thomas Teofilo$250
    10/16/01UAW Region 5 Western States PAC$250
    10/4/01Robert Wund [Sr. VP, Kajima Construction Services]$250
    10/4/01Z Concepts Marketing Communications$500

    Friends of Norm Ryan - 2002
    (July 1-Dec. 31, 2001)

    Monetary contributions:$27,907.00
    Beginning cash balance: $29,402.00
    Loans Received:$5,000.00 [Lender: Norm Ryan]
    Total payments:$29,680.46
    Ending cash balance:$32,628.55

    Monetary Contributions

    12/5/01Dan Berns$500
    10/28/01Steve Kleekamp$100
    10/23/01Edward Ludloff$125
    10/23/01Dr. Gordon Labedz$150
    12/29/01Norm Ryan (self)$6,500

    Ray Grabinski For Mayor
    (July 1-Dec. 31, 2001)

    Monetary contributions:$40,616.00
    Beginning cash balance: $0
    Loans Received:$6,000.00 [Lender: Ray Grabinski]
    Total payments:$29,103.86
    Ending cash balance:$17,512.14

    Monetary Contributions

    9/24/01Dan Berns$500
    10/18/01David Denevan$100
    8/27/01Lester Denevan$100
    8/26/01Elliot Fried$500
    8/22/01Richard Gaylord$500
    11/26/91Graner Oil Co.$250
    8/10 & 9/7/01Joan Greenwood$500 (total for two contributions)
    8/27/01Helen Kellogg$100
    10/15 & 11/16/01Don May$300 (total for two contributions)
    9/24/01David Neeleman [JetBlue CEO]$150
    8/24 & 11/26/01Nicholas Sramek$400 (total for two contributions
    8/20/01Tidelands Oil Production Co.$500
    12/13/01Z Concepts Marketing Communications$250 intends to post further campaign reporting data as newsworthy.

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