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Ryan Gets First Spot In Ballot Listing of Mayoral Candidates, Baker Last, In Sequence Decided by Sec'y of State's Randomized Alphabetical Order Applicable Statewide

We also list ballot order for other City Hall offices

(January 25, 2002.) -- Prop. J utility tax cutter and Mayoral candidate Norm Ryan's name will appear first among Mayoral candidates, and Vice Mayor Dan Baker's name will appear last, as a result of a randomized alphabetical sequence issued by CA's Secretary of State, applicable to all April, 2002 elections statewide.

Not listed is LB incumbent Mayor Beverly O'Neill, whose name cannot be printed on the ballot under LB's term limits law but is waging a write-in campaign, which is permitted under LB's term limits law. reports below the ballot order for LB City Hall offices, which the City Council is due to confirm at its January 29 meeting.

Norm Ryan
Robert "Livy" Livingstone
Ray Grabinski
John Stolpe
David P. Wong
Dan Baker

City Attorney
Robert E. Shannon

City Auditor
Gary Burroughs

City Prosecutor
Tom Reeves
Rich Poland

1st Council district
Bonnie Lowenthal

3d Council district
Diana Mann
Matthew J. Wall III
Frank A. Colonna

5th Council district
Jackie Kell
Ananya D. Mullane
John Donaldson

7th Council district
Mike Donelon
Thomas Gonzales
Tonia Reyes Uranga
Bobbie Smith

9th Council district
Val Lerch
Martha E. Sims

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