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    Espinoza Readies 9th District Council Run

    (January 6, 2002) ­- Edward Espinoza, a Democrat political operative, has pulled candidate papers to explore a bid for NLB's 9th district City Council seat.

    In a written statement, Mr. Espinoza, 29, cited public safety, business development and youth issues as key concerns for the area.

    "Long Beach is a great place to live, and the city seems to be doing quite well. However, North Long Beach does not enjoy the same quality of life as the rest of the city. North Long Beach lacks many basic services like supermarkets and ATM machines. The top of the town has not been getting the attention it deserves ­ and that needs to change," Mr. Espinoza's statement said.

    He added, "I want to utilize my political relationships to help clean-up our neighborhood, and create an environment that encourages companies to bring business ­ and jobs ­ to the area. In addition, we need stronger after-school, career-training and day care programs."

    Mr. Espinoza’s statement said he "works professionally as a public relations consultant and political strategist" and has done professional staff work for the California Democratic Party, the Clinton for President campaign, Davis for Governor and elected representatives including Congresswoman Jane Harman. During the 2000 election, he was a political spokesperson on CNN and the Fox News Channel and provided political commentaries to the CBS Radio Network. From 1999-2001, he was State President of the California Young Democrats.

    Mr. Espinoza's release said he "plans for a well-funded vote-by-mail program based in English and Spanish."

    A UCLA graduate, Mr. Espinoza said he's lived most of his life in NLB, attended K-12 schools in NLB and "strongly supports term limits," the latter a swipe at NLB's two term incumbent Councilman Jerry Shultz.

    Shultz is barred under term limits from having his name printed on the ballot, but is allowed under term limits to seek a third term as a "write in" candidate. Two term incumbent Mayor Beverly O'Neill is doing exactly that and in June last year, Shultz told he was "seriously considering" a third-term write-in candidacy in 2002.

    Shultz added at the time that he "would step aside if a candidate he deems well-qualified enters the race."

    As reported last year by, veteran NLB community activist Val Lerch has previously announced his intention to seek the 9th district Council seat.

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