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    Breaking News

    Diana Mann Files to Run for 3d District Council Seat

    Announcement means sweeping challenge to City Hall policies on open space, development, taxes and spending

    Diana Mann(January 10, 2002) -- Setting the stage for a major battle with incumbent Frank Colonna on a broad array of current City Hall policies, veteran community and environmental activist Diana Mann has filed to run for LB's 3d district Council seat.

    Ms. Mann's announcement virtually ensures a fundamental challenge to City Hall favored polices on open space, development, taxes and spending.

    As chair of ECO-link, a coalition of area environmental groups, Ms. Mann has opposed votes cast by Councilman Colonna on Queensway Bay, park and beach areas, challenging City Hall's current direction.

    In a written release, Ms. Mann said:

    "It's time the people in the third district are represented in City Hall. Colonna votes for almost everything that I am against. He votes tax money for downtown developers while voting to put buildings on public parkland."

    Ms. Mann said she opposes subsidies to developers, fought tree removal in Belmont Shore, favors a park at Queensway Bay, wants to make the Port "an asset, rather than a liability to Long Beach."

    She said her platform includes local control via Neighborhood Councils, similar to those in the City of Los Angeles. She said she favors increasing city wide landscaped open space and parks, as well as "restoring our beach to its former beauty."

    Ms. Mann's release also pointed out her support for Prop J, the grassroots utility tax cut measure that LB voters passed overwhelmingly (69.6% citywide) in November, 2000. Councilman Colonna sought to derail Prop J by supporting Prop I, a City Hall alternative offering only half the utility tax relief.

    Prop J bested Prop I citywide and in the 3d district. Prop J received 69.6% of the vote citywide and 65.4% in the 3d district. Prop I received 59.4% of 3d district vote, a difference of roughly 920 3d district votes.

    Ms. Mann concluded her release by stating, "I will keep fighting for fairness and ethics in your government and I am working on things that matter."

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