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Detailed LB Schools Academic Performance Scores

We post links to detailed data for every LB elementary, middle and high school

(January 17, 2002) -- In the most comprehensive statewide comparative assessment of academic performance to date, the CA Dept. of Education has released Academic Performance Index rankings for LB and all CA schools. posts links below to detailed data for every LBUSD elementary, middle and high school, as well as methodology and explanatory information, from the CA Dept. of Education.

CA's Academic Performance Index (API) is a numeric score ranging from 200 to 1000. The state has set 800 as the score schools should strive to meet. Scores are then ranked in ten groups of equal size (deciles) ranging from one (lowest) to ten (highest).

LB High Schools

When LB High Schools were ranked against all CA high schools, Jordan (API score 496) and Cabrillo (API score 424) ranked in decile "1." Millikan (606) and Lakewood (609) were in decile "4". Wilson (629) ranked in decile "5" and Poly (658) was in decile "6."

CA high schools statewide had a median score of 636.

When LB High Schools were compared only to what the state calls "similar" schools (factors include pupil mobility, ethnicity and socioeconomic status, percent of teachers fully credentialed or holding emergency credentials, percent of English language learners, average class size per grade level and whether schools use certain multitrack yr-round programs), Cabrillo ranked in decile "2", Jordan and Lakewood in "5," Millikan in "7," Wilson in "8" and Poly and Avalon in "10."

The CA Academy of Mathematics and Science, a regional magnet school on the CSU Dominguez Hills campus run by LBUSD, scored 904, ranking in decile "10" (the highest) when compared with all CA high schools and with so-called similar schools.

LB Middle Schools

When compared to all CA middle schools. Stanford (757), Hughes (760), & Rogers (769) and Bancroft (773) ranked in decile "8." Washington (457) and Franklin (490) ranked in decile "1."

CA middle schools statewide had a median score of 669.

When compared only to so-called "similar schools," Washington ranked in decile "3" and Franklin in decile "6," while Bancroft, Hughes and Stanford ranked in decile "10."

LB Elementary Schools

When compared to all CA elementary schools, ELB's Los Altos area Gant (855) scored in decile "10." Lowell (811), Naples (815), Twain (825) and Fremont (842) scored in decile "9." King (526) scored in decile "1" and Colin Powell Academy for Success (538) ranked in decile "2."

CA elementary schools statewide had a median score of 690.

When compared to so-called "similar" schools, King scored in decile "5" and Powell ranked in decile "6."

Links to detailed data

Detailed data for each LB elementary, middle and high school can be accessed at Methodology and explanatory notes can be viewed by clicking on LBUSD API scores and rankings, released Jan. 16, 2002.

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