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Vice Mayor Baker, Councilwoman Kell Join Volunteers At ELB Tree Planting

70 new trees planted in area b/w Willow & Spring near Palo Verde

Tree planting 1

(January 26, 2002) -- Vice Mayor Dan Baker and 5th district Councilwoman Jackie Kell joined a sizable contingent of volunteers today who got up early on a Saturday morning to help plant roughly 70 new street trees in the area of Palo Verde Ave. between Willow and Spring Streets.

Tree planting 2Volunteers assembled at Emerson Elementary School on Josie Avenue.

Baker, Kell, LarsonCouncilwoman Kell introduced Vice Mayor Dan Baker to local PTA co-president Cathy Larson.

Jacob EllensThe tireless Jacob Ellens of the Iroquois Ave. Neighborhood Watch organized the event and handled details.

Kell w/ constituentsVolunteers used the opportunity to get meet and greet friends and neighbors. Photo left, Councilwoman Kell chats with constituents.

Tree plantersThen, armed with shovels, the group set off to work...yes, including the politicians.

[Since cynics may wonder if the politicians' tree plantings were posed for our camera, we deliberately waited at the staging area for about ten minutes before going to the planting site. The following pictures reflect what we actually witnessed.]

Baker planting treeVice Mayor Dan Baker worked away on Willow St. The tree he planted is on the Willow parkway median east of Palo Verde.

Kell planting treeA few yards away, Councilwoman Kell (with aides Tom Poe and Tim Patton) made sure a new tree near Palo Verde would be deeply planted.

Layne w/ DadEveryone got into the act. Young Layne carries a shovel as Dad (left) watches.

The tree planting was accomplished with City Hall assistance and a $4,850 grant from California ReLeaf.

About 70 trees were planted today and another 70 will be planted on February 16. The trees are being planted in parkway and frontage road medians in the general area bounded by Spring, Willow, Palo Verde and Studebaker.

Councilwoman Kell told this event is one of a number of tree plantings that have taken place in her district, including a large number of new trees planted in El Dorado Park.

For further info on volunteering for the Feb. 16 neighborhood tree planting, Mr. Ellens invites readers to email him at:

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