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This house is well insured. Are you? Want presidential treatment on auto, home, business, health, boat, motorcycle insurance? Call Pollman's Insurance: 23 yrs. in business, 4th generation LB family. Info, click photo

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Nino's Ristorante: A delicious treasure in Bixby Knolls.
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3853 Atlantic Ave.

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Bill & Karen Enterline are ELB realty experts. Click here for info on area property values.

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LB dog gets worldwide fame thanks to LB writer and internet. Read the Taz Adventures, click picture.

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    See Pix Of Cargo-Type Containers Stacked in ELB On Boeing Property West of Lakewood Blvd.; Boeing Says They'll Be Gone By End of January...But Won't Say Who's Storing Them Or Why They're There

    ELB containers Jan. 17/03(January 20, 2003) -- A reader alerted us to a number of cargo-type containers stacked in ELB on the Boeing property, west of Lakewood Blvd. just north of LB Airport. A company spokesman told they will be gone by the end of January...but the company isn't saying who's storing them or why they're being stored in ELB.

    ELB containers Jan. 17/03The containers are stacked on the southern end of the Boeing properly, the equivalent of a few blocks west of Lakewood Blvd.

    ELB containers Jan. 17/03They're in several rows and in some cases stacked vertically.

    The containers are a sizable distance west of Lakewood Blvd., not easily spotted but not invisible either. View below is from Lakewood Blvd. at Conant St. looking west. Orange row of containers blocks view of additional containers to the west from this angle.

    ELB containers Jan. 17/03

    Containers on Boeing lot, Jan. 17/03Boeing spokesman John Thom told the containers will be gone by the end of January. He said the company had a storage opportunity but isn't disclosing who's storing them or why they're being stored there.

    Containers on Boeing lot, Jan. 17/03Developing.

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