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    ELB Resident Wins Grant For Street Median Tree Planting And Goes Beyond, Offers Homeowners b/w Bellflower/Woodruff, Wardlow/Carson Street Trees (b/w sidewalk and street) Planted For Small Charge: Here's How

    (January 10, 2003) -- Thanks to an energetic South of Conant area resident, neighborhood homeowners between Bellflower Blvd. and Woodruff Ave., Wardlow Rd. to Carson St., have an opportunity to get a tree planted between the sidewalk and the street in front of their home.

    Alan Coles, a resident of the area who's headed a Neighborhood Watch group for years, recently applied for -- and won -- a grant to plant trees on street medians in the area.

    And he intends to go beyond that.

    Mr. Coles told he's offering homeowners in the surrounding neighborhood between Wardlow Rd. and Carson St. and between Bellflower Blvd. and Woodruff Ave. the opportunity to have a street tree (between street and sidewalk) planted in front of their home for $32 (Jacaranda, Chinese Flame, Brisbane Box or Podocarpus).

    [ comment: If you select a Jacaranda, be prepared for a fuchsia blizzard when the tree blooms every spring.]

    Mr. Coles told

    "I received a grant from California ReLeaf of around $2,000 to buy 55 trees, all of which will be planted on the street medians," said Mr. Coles, noting "I use this opportunity to purchase additional trees at wholesale costs...Volunteers will do all the planting. Also, new street trees (those between the sidewalk and the street) require a permit from the city. We will do all the paperwork for these trees at once which makes it easier for homeowners and the city."

    Mr. Coles added, "In addition, anyone can donate extra money to the fund which will be used to buy additional trees, primarily on Monlaco and Harco where they are needed most... We are losing more trees than I knew about when I applied for the grant and I would like to double the number that I originally anticipated."

    Mr. Coles took action after learning that old, diseased trees on Carita St. are slated for removal, along with other trees on Monlaco Rd. that will be impacted by street repairs. He said he wants to ensure the neighborhood maintains -- and increases -- its level of fine greenery.

    He submitted a winning grant application to California ReLeaf, entering a competitive process -- and winning -- with assistance from Margaret Madden, a veteran neighborhood activist and grant application mentor at LB's Neighborhood Resource Center.

    Ms. Madden told she and Neighborhood Resource Center staff are glad to help LB residents who want to help their neighborhoods.

    If you live in the Bellflower-Woodruff, Wardlow-Carson area, and want further info about having a street tree planted in front of your house or a neighbor's house (with their permission), email us and we'll forward your message to Mr. Coles.

    Mr. Coles says his deadline is January 25. We'll forward your messages to him:

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