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    Former Councilman/Vice Mayor Doug Drummond First To File Papers To Run For Mayor In '06

    (January 7, 2005) -- Doug Drummond, who progressed from LBPD cop to Commander, earned academic credentials, taught college-level courses and represented LB's 3d Council district from 1990-1998 including a two-year term as Vice Mayor, has filed papers to run for Mayor.

    Following his retirement from the Council, Mr. Drummond wrote a well-received novel set in Long Beach -- Cyclone Racer.

    On January 6, 2005 he became the first person to file paperwork to enter the 2006 Mayor's race.

    So why is Doug Drummond running? "I'm upset with the destruction of the city budget by big, sweet retirement pensions approved by the City Council under prior management. I'm very disappointed that the current Council hasn't done anything to address the situation," Mr. Drummond told

    Although pensions are fixed for employees who've already retired, Mr. Drummond said the Council "could suspend the large pensions for new hires" and added, "I'm very disappointed that the Council hasn't done anything about this. They haven't taken any aggressive steps with respect to the budget itself."

    He added, "Infrastructure is falling apart. They're reaching out to take over Redevelopment without having put together a new system. It isn't that I wouldn't support it, but when they do something so hurriedly without proper study, I'm always concerned," he said.

    What does Mr. Drummond think of Beverly O'Neill's administration? "I like Beverly, but I'm really disappointed with what's happened in the last couple of years. I realize the Mayor doesn't have a vote, and I certainly can't say that our current situation is something that can be blamed on her, but I would like to see a little more information coming from the Mayor's microphone about the situation in which we find ourselves from bad decisions."

    How about the Mayor's City Charter duty to forward to Councilmembers a budget from management with Mayoral recommendations, if she/he has them? "I know she's very diplomatic, and that's to her credit. Some people rely on diplomacy to work there way through things and that's wonderful, but once in a while a loud warning really is appropriate."

    What about the state of public safety in Long Beach? "Public safety is going to have to be better financed, but where I am really disappointed is, for example, that the Council gave huge retirements to non-public safety employees and then wanted to take the money out of the public safety budget."

    What about Long Beach Airport? "I'm fearful that people who want to stop building a facility to adequately take care of 41 [large aircraft + 25 commuter] flights are making a terrible mistake. I know we can have people use the existing facilities, but I know we can also make our family use an outhouse. It's wrong. We should build a nice facility for 41 flights, not more. I don't want to see that flight limit go into federal court and risk the loss of the limit." Does he support city management's proposal to expand the Airport's permanent terminal area facilities? "Yes."

    What does Mr. Drummond think of the entertainment and commercial component of Queensway Bay, the "Pike @ Rainbow Harbor"?

    "It was just such a gorgeous piece of real estate and to me [in my opinion] it wound up being such an "as usual" development. I'm really disappointed."

    What about a proposal by a Mitsubishi subsidiary to build a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facility in the Port of Long Beach? Mr. Drummond stopped short of endorsing or opposing it but indicated, "I attended a meeting at which a Mitsubishi [subsidiary] representative gave an presentation on safety matters. And I've separately spoken to a person I respect [not affiliated with the applicant] who has expertise in dealing with fires. That person wasn't alarmed about a risk to the public, and opined that if gasoline were introduced as a product today, it's more volatile and more explosive, and we probably wouldn't accept it."

    During his Council tenure, Councilman/Vice Mayor Drummond represented LB on the Southern California Association of Governments. He was also the first chair of the newly formed Gateway Cities Council of Governments representing 27 cities in southeast LA County.

    He's held leadership positions with (among others) the Downtown Lions Club, Boys and Girls Club, LB Chapter of the Red Cross, LB Youth Home and the LB Historical Society...and currently serves as president of the LB Area Republican Party.

    Mr. Drummond told, "This is a non-partisan race. It's not about Republicans or Democrats. It's about issues in the city and it's about managing the city's resources for the improvement of life for the people who live in Long Beach. We should stay focused on issues, not partisan politics."

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