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(Jan. 12, 2018, 2:55 p.m.) -- provides links to recently released (Jan. 11) LBPD 2017 crime stats. Data showing Part I (serious) crimes for 2017 compared to 2016 can be viwed at this link. Stats over the past five years can be viewed at this link.

The stats indicated that with the exception of murders (which dropped to their lowest level in LBPD's recorded/computer-accessible data with one fewer homicide than in 2014), the other categories comprising violent crimes (aggravated assaults, robbery and rape) increased by double-digit percentages in LBPD's North and West divisions:

  • Aggravated assaults increased in LBPD's West Division by 26.3% and in North Division by 25.1%, offset by a decrease in East Division of 10.2%, producing a "citywide" total increase of 10.9%.

    "Aggravated assaults" is a category that includes but isn't limited to shootings. Despite a City-declared "Open Data" policy, the City of LB doesn't provide routine access to data on the number of shootings or their locations. In contrast, LAPD and the City of Los Angeles do routinely provide public access to the number of shootings and the number of persons hit. LBPD professionally confirms for us if/when a shooting occurred and provides related information if we (or other media outlets) inquire. For several years, has provided an unofficial map showing cumulated shootings based on information we individually confirm with LBPD.

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  • Robberies increased in LBPD's West Division by 31.9% and in LBPD's West Division by 23.0%, offset by decreases in LBPD's South and East Divisions, producing a "citywide" total increase of 8.7%.

  • Several categories of serious property related crimes are down, in many cases by double-digit percentages, in all of LBPD's four major divisions.

The net result is a decrease in Part I (serious crimes against persons and property) totaled citywide of 11.3%. will have further on LB's crime stats in separate reports.







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