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Vice Mayor Baker Walking Through ELB In Campaign For Mayor

Includes postcard mailing

Baker postcard, July, 2001(July 20, 2001) -- Indicating he intends to wage a high profile run for Mayor, Vice Mayor Dan Baker's campaign has sent a postcard mailing (right) to homes in an ELB area, telling residents he will be walking through their neighborhood.

The postcard, advising "Vice Mayor Dan Baker will be in your neighborhood soon," was sent to residents of an ELB area in the 5th Council district.

While "walking neighborhoods" is a traditional campaign technique, coupling it with a preview mailing is costly. The stamped postcard, printed on both sides, carries the downtown LB office address of a local political consultant.

Vice Mayor Baker represents LB's 2d district (downtown and eastward through central LB) but ELB traditionally produces the city's highest voter turn outs, making it statistically essential for any candidate seriously seeking citywide office.

Opening with "Dear Neighbor," the postcard says in part, "I hope we have a chance to meet and talk about the issues you're concerned about. I am committed to finding solutions to the challenges facing our community. I hope to earn your vote for Mayor of Long Beach."

Other declared candidates in the 2002 LB Mayor's race include Prop J utility tax cut author Norm Ryan, 7th district Council incumbent Ray Grabinski, incumbent Mayor Beverly O'Neill (vowing to wage a write-in campaign due to LB's term limit law), LB ECO-link leader Diana Mann (previously advised she's running for Mayor but hasn't yet filed paperwork), LBPD Cpl. John Stolpe and internet columnist Joe Mack.

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