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L.A. River bike path daylight fright: 5 male teens, some on bikes and carrying guns (BB and air guns), allegedly confront and rob bicyclists during afternoon, July 12

  • Victims all LB residents, one allegedly pistol whipped, another robbed in front of his 4 and 5 yr. old sons
  • Group travelled north on bike path, allegedly targeting bike riders near 9th St., Wardlow Road and Del Mar (Los Cerritos area)
  • LBPD captures five suspects near DeForest Park (NLB), says all are Compton residents

    (July 13, 2001) -- A group of five male juveniles staged a series of robberies on the L.A. river bike path during the afternoon of July 12, pointing guns (believed to be air guns or BB-guns) at bicyclists and demanding their money and property.

    LBPD said one victim was pistol whipped and another was robbed at gunpoint in the presence of his 4 and 5 year old sons. All the victims were LB residents.

    LBPD told the confrontations took place on the flood control bike path, the first near 9th St., the second near 32nd St. (just south of Wardlow Rd.) and the third near Del Mar (roughly paralleling the Los Cerritos area).

  • LBPD investigators believe the robbers first confronted a 48-year old LB resident on the bike path in the downtown area, allegedly pointed guns at him, stole his bicycle and jewelry and proceeded northbound.

  • The suspects then allegedly surrounded a second victim, a 55-year old LB resident riding his bicycle near 32nd St. The suspects allegedly demanded his money, pointed guns at him, pistol whipped him and stole his pager. This victim contacted LBPD's North Station at roughly 4:40 p.m. and was bleeding from his head.

  • The suspects allegedly confronted a third victim near Del Mar (near the Los Cerritos area), a 38-year old LB man riding his bike with his four and five year old sons. Police say the suspects pointed their guns and demanded money. The victim showed the suspects his empty pockets and the suspects continued northbound on the bike path..

    LBPD spotted the suspects near DeForest Park in NLB and police units converged on the area and set up a perimeter. Police captured all five suspects and at one point used the LBPD SWAT team.

    Police say the suspects (one 15-year old, three 16-year olds, and one 17-year old) are all residents of Compton.

    Police told they are interested in additional information concerning these events, including reports by other witnesses or victims. Anyone with information is asked to contact LBPD Juvenile Detective Barry Folks at (562) 570-1426.

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