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    LB Dead Crow Toll Mounts, Dead Birds Increasingly Prevalent As West Nile Virus Spreads

    Dead ELB crow 7/12/04(July 12, 2004) -- Dead crows, possibly victims of the spreading, mosquito-borne West Nile Virus (WNV), are becoming increasingly prevalent in ELB.

    This dead crow was spotted July 12 on Wardlow Rd. just west of Bellflower Blvd. at Montair Ave.

    Dead ELB crow 7/12/04The carcass is near the white line in the shadow of the median trees.

    The location is a few blocks from where LB's first dead crow was reported on Rutgers Ave. (between Wardlow/Spring and Bellflower/Clark) in a story broken by a few weeks ago.

    The area is also just east of Skylinks Golf Course, now being rehabilitated, where numerous live crows have been sighted and near a flood control channel and Wardlow Park.

    As previously reported by, on July 9 test results were released for nine dead crows retrieved from ELB zip codes 90808 and 90815: eight were found infected with WNV (6400 block of Los Santos, 6400 block Willow St., 3500 block Charlemagne Ave. 3700 block Iroquois Ave. 3800 block Gondar Ave., 2500 block Knoxville, one near Stevely Ave...and one in El Dorado Park.

    Two WNV-infected dead crows were also retrieved from zip 90807 and a western scrub-jay was from zip code 90806. Seven dead crows were from Lakewood zip 90713.

    They join WNV-infected dead crows, previously reported by, from Rutgers Ave. between Spring/Carson, the 4200 block Chestnut Ave. and the 5000 block of Federation Ave. in Rec Park.

    Th crow carcass in the street on Wardlow Rd. is not a good candidate for testing; it was run over by several cars in the few minutes we were present. (We phoned in the location to LB Animal Control.) has been told by other sources that at some point in a WNV outbreak, so many dead crows may result that it becomes pointless to continue collecting and testing them, since it is obvious WNV is present. LB apparently hasn't reached that point yet.

    As first reported last month by, Dr. William Reisen, Research Entomologist and Director in Residence, Mosquito & Arbovirus Ecology, Davis Arbovirus Research Unit told the June 9 meeting of the Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District's Board of Trustees, "We're in the middle of the largest mosquito-borne virus outbreak in the history of North America, and the biggest West Nile [Virus] outbreak ever documented in the world."

    Dr. Reisen added, "It's truly a test of organized mosquito control and public health as to whether they can rally to protect the residents of Los Angeles or the residents of California in general."

    As also previously reported by, 5th district Councilwoman Jackie Kell has agendized an item for the July 13 City Council meeting on City Hall's West Nile Virus efforts.

    And as likewise previously reported by Minoo Madon, Scientific Technical Services Director at the Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District, has urged our readers to remember that the locations of dead crows don't necessarily mean WNV is exactly where the dead crow is found.

    "The crow just happened to die there," Mr. Madon said, while noting that "what we're seeing clearly indicates WNV is present in the vicinity."

    The bottom line ['s words]: the sight of dead crows is unnerving and disturbing; like miner's canaries, they are an indication of spreading WNV...but the location of WNV-infected mosquito pools is even more significant.

    And as also reported by, more mosquitoes infected with the West Nile Virus (WNV) were identified last week from Long Beach.

    In addition to WNV-infected mosquito groups previously identified from the Heartwell Park area (Carson at Woodruff, and east near the San Gabriel River), the Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control district says mosquitoes in the vicinity of LB's Alamitos Bay Marina (2d/PCH) and a nearby oil field were as WNV-infected in the past week.

    The WNV-infected mosquitoes found in the vicinity of LB's Heartwell Park (Carson near Woodruff and eastward near the San Gabriel River) resulted in the posting of WNV warning signs in Heartwell and El Dorado Parks.

    WNV-infected mosquitoes have also been identified from northeastern Lakewood near Coyote Creek at the Cerritos border also tested positive for WNV. Coyote Creek empties into the San Gabriel River, which flows past El Dorado Park before emptying into the Pacific Ocean near Alamitos Bay.

    A few weeks earlier, WNV-infected mosquitoes were identified in the area of Lakewood Golf Course, adjacent to ELB.

    The mosquito-borne West Nile Virus produces no symptoms in most people, but generates flu like symptoms for about 1 in 5. Serious neurological illnesses (including meningitis) require hospitalization for about 1 in 150 bitten by a WNV-infected mosquito, occasionally leading to death.

    Recent coverage:

    West Nile Virus Infected Mosquitoes Found In Vicinity of Alamitos Bay Marina & PCH/Westminster area; Numerous Infected Dead Crows From Zips 90808 and 90815, Also Lakewood Zip 90713

    LBUSD Sends Updated West Nile Virus Prevention Tips To Principals for Distribution to Staff & Parents; We Post Text

    Kell Agendizes Report On City's West Nile Virus Efforts

    West Nile Virus Watch:

  • LB Dept. Of Health Received Multiple ELB Resident Reports Re Standing Water In Untended Swimming Pool; Didn't Return Phone Calls; Didn't Refer Reports To County Vector Control And Didn't Ensure Follow Up
  • ELB Neighbors Now Say They've Got Mosquitoes En Masse, Can't Be Outside At Dusk And Just Found A Dying Crow
  • Incident Follows Other Reports of Standing Water in ELB Streets, Gutters

    First LB West Nile Virus Infected Mosquitoes Found Vicinity Heartwell Park

    West Nile Virus Warning Signs To Be Posted in El Dorado, Heartwell Parks

  • Two New West Nile Virus Dead Crows From LB (90807 & 90804) + Three From Lakewood (90712 and 90713) + Two From Hawaiian Gardens (90716)

  • LBUSD Administrators Alerted to West Nile Virus Prevention Tips

  • Dead Crows, Possibly West Nile Virus Infected, Increasingly Visible in Cerritos

  • West Nile Virus Warning Signs Posted @ Lakewood Golf Course & Bolivar Park in Lakewood

  • Ground Zero For West Nile Virus: See Maps Showing WNV Totals & Recent WNV-Infected Dead Birds

  • It's Here: Dead Crow w/ West Nile Virus ID'd in LB; Residents Again Urged to Take Precautions

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  • More WNV Infected Crows in Cerritos...And First CA 04 Human Case in San B'dino County

  • West Nile Virus Expert Says We're In Midst Of Largest Mosquito-Borne Virus Outbreak in North American History & Biggest West Nile Virus Outbreak Ever Documented in the World

  • Editorial: Biting Back: Our Suggestions Re WNV in LB

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