Heard/Seen: Widespread Use Of "Illegal" (Long Beach City Council Banned) Personally Discharged Fireworks

(July 5, 2013, 6:10 a.m., updated 3:30 p.m.) -- From the shore to ELB to the Top of the Town, residents reported hearing and seeing personally discharged fireworks, banned to no apparent avail some years ago by an ordinance enacted by a now-former Long Beach City Council.

Some were the so-called "safe and sane" (ground level) variety legally sold in adjoining cities like Lakewood (fountains, whistlers, sparklers and the like) but others were aerial bombs and boomers, illegal for personal use in CA, perhaps brought in from out of state or Mexico, or illegally homebrewed here.

By about 8:50 p.m., was hearing a near continuous audible roar in East Long Beach (general vicinity Bellflower/Spring). When asked on's Facebook page what others were hearing, here's some of what we received:

  • They're going off all around Woodruff/Wardlow
  • They are all over my neighborhood illegal going off.
  • It's like Beirut on the NLB border.
  • Same here near Orizaba and 10th! Loud enough to get dogs barking and set off car alarms
  • Sounds like there is a war nearby...!
  • Loud fireworks for a few days now bellflower and spring
  • I see and hear shock and aw
  • North LB sounds like a war zone!
  • Still going off bellflower and atherton area. Doesn't bother me one bit.
  • I will never blame our law enforcement officers for lack of enforcement, as the problem is just too big. I blame my neighbors who refuse to obey the law and I blame those who make the laws that allow the public to purchase explosives.
  • Woodruff and spring it sounds like war
  • No enforcement means illegal fireworks.
  • I am getting so weary of this. Why is there no enforcement? Illegal fireworks blasting away in East Long Beach [Naples area] I mind a lot, because our dogs suffer horribly...Additionally, if fireworks are not legal in your county, you may be battling for coverage if your home or property is damaged and your premiums may skyrocket thereafter.
  • Same thing near the airport. Loud!!
  • Westside is like a war zone....they haven't stopped since mid afternoon
  • Dogs running loose - thanks aholes!
  • Major illegal fireworks downtown & Central LB
  • My Labrapit doesn't seem to be moved and just one of the two housecats was effected last night by an illegal explosive, M80/M90/Mwhatever that shook the house a bit. Other than that it sounds like a medium fire battlezone. The only way to combat that would be to place LBPD randomly in low income/high traffic neighborhoods on overtime for days at a time before and after 7/4.
  • Yes on Lani st off Bellflower...
  • Sounds like a war much for laws
  • North Long Beach is all light up!
  • The sound of combat down here on 4th Street.
  • Wrigley is alight with professional grade fireworks!
  • I live in the hill 380 [sic] degree view of LB and I saw fireworks everywhere in Long Beach this year.
  • Constant fireworks at least one a minute--we've had the aerial bombs on Daisy for weeks on end all evening
  • Am hearing a lot at Spring and Clark Street.
  • I've lived in Long Beach my whole life and there has always been fireworks in Long Beach. I don't think the law has ever been enforced.
  • Over here on Studebaker & Atherton it was 11:30 and fireworks were going off. First time since I've been here.

From the Wrigley Neighborhood Group Facebook page:

  • Damn! Someone around here is setting off explosives stronger than the old M-80's! Twice now! Set off a car alarm half a block away.
  • Uh, yeah. Something landed either in the street or our neighbor's driveway a few minutes a go (Golden & 20th). I'm all for people having fun, but please don't burn down my house or break the windows! Da-umn.

And on other Facebook pages:

  • So fed up by the explosive crazed maniacs I'm apparently surrounded by. Listening to my terrified toddler crying, "I heard it again, save me!" really sucks...

And then there were these responses:

  • It's America's birthday let them pop!!!! I am sure everyone that is complaining breaks laws speeding, texting or talking on their phone while driving, drinking and driving putting things that don't belong in the recycle can on trash day. It's one day a year for god sake...
  • Enjoy the show & sounds! Be happy that we are a free country, for now .
  • Wow, where is the freedom in all this complaining? Why should fireworks be illegal anyway?
  • Lol just like the illegal booze at concerts in the park... if u can't enforce a law it should be repealed
  • And the police car trying to catch them with their lights off almost broadsided my car with my whole family inside. Let's see...which is more risky? I'll take the fireworks.thank you.
  • It was the 4th of July, if elected to city council I hope to make fireworks legal in the LBC. It was our nations birthday yesterday yall should have been celebrating not hating on other having fun!
  • [T]hat's cause they were on crime scenes all over long beach scrapping up gangsters from the asphalt...I rather my tax dollars go to that than fellow Americans celebrating the best holiday of the year...

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