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Wat Wuz Dat?! Big Decibels as U.S. Air Force B1-B Blasts Off From LB Airport, Part of "Boeing Family Appreciation Day"

(June 4, 2002) -- Those receiving's free email alerts already knew it was coming. At roughly 10:20 a.m. today, a U.S. Air Force B1-B supersonic aircraft blasted off from LB Airport, required afterburners blazing, reaching the second highest noise level ever recorded here.

As a military aircraft, it is obviously exempt from LB Airport's noise limits [and despite the noise, thank you, USAF for your service].

LB Airport's Ken Ashmore said the B1-B registered 123.6 dB SENEL (a previous B1-B take off hit roughly 127 dB SENEL). LB Airport's maximum normal noise limit is 102.5 dB SENEL. Each 10 dB increase is roughly perceived as a doubling of experienced noise.

LB Airport's phone lines were jammed following the take off (constant busy for over five minutes).

The B1-B was here for "Boeing Family Appreciation Day" (Boeing acquired Rockwell which manufactured the plane).

One Los Cerritos resident said people came out of their homes and the sound was so overwhelming it seemed omnidirectional, leaving people initially unable to tell from what direction it came. The noise was obviously very loud but it appeared USAF cut the afterburners sooner than in a previous B1-B take off.

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