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Mayor Names Her Choices For City Hall Charter Commissions; Civil Service Committee & City Council Will Vote On Them; We Post List

(June 11, 2002) -- In a list made public one week after her re-election to a third term, Mayor Beverly O'Neill has transmitted nominations and reappointments to LB Charter Commissions (i.e. Commissions specified in the City Charter) to City Hall's Personnel and Civil Service Committee.

The Mayor does not have the power to make Commission appointments outright. They must be confirmed by voted action of the City Council. The Council usually approves appointments, but not always.

Some years ago, in a vote that may have had as much to do with internecine politics as substance, a divided Council refused to approve the Mayor's re-appointment of George Murchison to the Harbor Commission. The Council eventually voted to confirm O'Neill's replacement appointee who also had strong establishment credentials, retired City Attorney John Calhoun.

Before Charter Commission nominees/reappointees can be sent to the Council, they must first be approved by the Personnel & Civil Service Committee. The names below were transmitted to that Committee in a June 10 letter from Mayor O'Neill's office, released to today on request:

Planning Commission

Nominee for Appointment
Randall Hernandez

Nominee for Reappointment
Charles Winn

Recreation Commission

Nominee for Appointment
Drew Santariano

Nominees for Reappointment
Bea Antenore
Harry Saltzgaver
Chris Kozaites

Harbor Commission

Nominee for Reappointment
John Kashiwabara

Citizen Police Complaint Commission

Nominees for Appointment
Thomas Simcox (Dist. 2)
Christopher Hicks (Dist. 9)
Harvey Keller (At large)

Nominees for Reappointment
Dan Lowenthal (Dist. 1)
Vivian Tobias (Dist. 6)

Civil Service Commission

Nominee for Appointment
Lynne Joy Rogers

Water Commission

Nominee for Reappointment
Steven Conley

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