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We List Mayor's Proposed Appointments and Reappointments to City Hall Non-Charter (Council created, not Charter required) Commissions, Boards, and Committees; Council Will Vote On Them June 18

(June 14, 2002) -- Mayor Beverly O'Neill has made proposed appointments and reappointments to City Hall's numerous non-Charter (Council created, not required under LB City Charter) LB Commissions, Boards, and Committees.

We list them below. The Council will vote on them on June 18.

The Mayor can only recommend. The Council has the power to approve or reject proposed Mayoral appointments and reappointments, which is also true for the Mayor's Charter Commission appoitments and reappointments (separately posted by

The non-Charter proposed appointments are agenda item 16, but often taken out of order early to accommodate a Council chamber filled with recommended appointees/reappointees.

Airport Advisory Commission

New: Douglas P. Haubert, Rindy Francia, Don M. Temple
Reappointed: Charles Luskin, Ronald D. Salk, Deborah Veady

Belmont Shore Parking & Business Improvement Area Advisory Commission

Reappointed: Arden F. Boyd, Carol Colonna-Layton, Mike Sheldrake, Joy Starr

Bixby Knolls Parking & Business Improvement Area Association

New: Mike Briddle, Diane Booth, Rogelio Calleros, Pam Dunn, D.C., Gina Marquez and Diane Napier
Reappointed: Bill Snead, Angie Beeks, Mike Gerutto, Philip C. Solomon, D.D.S., and Phil Splendorio

Board of Examiners, Appeals and Condemnation

New: Charles G. Westlund, Christopher Brown
Reappointed: Michael L. Bates, P.E., LeGrande "Bud" Lindsley, Elliott H. Boone, Maurice Knowles, Wade R. Davenport

Board of Health and Human Services

New: Joy Tyson, Thomas M. Crowe, John S. Andrews, Camille R. Quinn and John Sykora,
Reappointed: Lauraine Barber, Annette Kashiwabara, Andrew Stanitsas, Janet Molina-Watt, Loren Eslinger, Dr. Song N. Tan, Judson Schoendorf, M.D., Dr. Guadalupe Padilla-Robb, Lorain Brault, Karen Hilburn and Dr. Lynn A. Fasnacht

Cable Communications Advisory Commission

New: Darick J. Simpson, Randall Karavanich and Carolyn Christian Hines
Reappointed: Steve Clayton, John M. Gurich, Mat Kaplan, Robert G. Finney, Kathleen Grubb, David Anthony De La Riva, Gail Stewart-Garber and Karen Holm

Citizens' Advisory Commission on Disabilities

New: Alexander L. Britton and C. "Willa" Heart,
Reappointed: Donald R. Brault, Francisco Flores, Shauna Hagemann, Dan Hansch, David Morris, Ginny Ransom-Gonzales, Donna Roberts, JuDee Stone, Valoria Tate, Mary Zendejas, Marine Man and George D. Miller

Community Development Advisory Commission

New: Juan C. Pardell, Timothy B. Hammond, Felton Williams, Manfred "Fred" Schockner and Michael W. McCarthy
Reappointed: Tamasha Ross-Kambon, Christina Aronhalt, Mary Lynn Butler, Frances S. Grover, C. Anna Ulaszewski, Jill Hill, J. Paul Robinson, John W. Thomas and Peggy Karavanich

Cultural Heritage Commission

New: Kay Cofield and Kerrie Weaver
Reappointed: R. Michael Burrous, David Chartier, Joe Downey, Harriett Ibbetson, Ana Maria McGuan, Ann Salas-Rock, Kenneth D. DeGiorgio, Kevin Doherty, Layne K. Johnson, Kevin C. Motschall, Dan Pressburg, Gerald A. Smith and William Wynne

Disabled Access Appeals Board

New: Danielle Nicolosi
Reappointed: Joan M. Pizzato, Patricia Ann Berry and Harley D. Rubenstein

Homeless Services Advisory Committee

New: Thomas E. Herzog
Reappointed: Donald Cochran, Rev. Ginny Wagener, Gary Shelton, Maria G. Giesey, Anita Guttler, Nancy Sheriff, Carrie Swain, Marion L. Nguli, David L. Lucas, and Patricia Long-San Jose

Human Relations Commission

New: Leslie Ann Patterson, Minnie L. Douglas, Ed. D, Coqueece King and Kim Campanelli-Trowbridge,
Reappointed: Robert E. Ellis, Marsha J. Naify, Joe Thompson, Joanne O'Byrne, Barbara Smith, Alta Cooke, John H. Gailey, Dona Syes and Lydia Hollie, J.D.

Long Beach Housing Authority

Reappointed: Renee Austin and Rev. Thurston Limar

Marine Advisory Commission

New: Bradley G. Whyte and Peter Hogensen
Reappointed: Dr. Stuart Farber, Michael J. Malbon, Richard L. Miller, Michelle Spence, Michael C. Vescovi, Holly Carpenter and Michael Reed

Metropolitan Cooperative Library System Advisory Board

Reappointed: Lois O. Clark

Municipal Golf Commission

New: Len Kennett, Ray McElhenrey, Gail Berns, John McCann, Skip Rowland, Betty Hatcher and Philip Barlow
Reappointed: Robert Peeters, William B. Townsend, Linda Cook, Tony Christensen, Dorothy Deatherage and Bev Kind

Neighborhood Preservation Loan Committee

Reappointed: Trent Timmons, Phil Infelise, Jonathan Gotz and Carol Goddard

Pedestrian Safety Advisory Commission

New: Maria Garcia and Marilyn A. Tyo

Public Safety Advisory Commission

New: Robert Hilderbrand and Juan R. Gonzalez
Reappointed: Larry Ginn and Maria Norvell

Relocation Appeals Board

New: Martha Thuente and Virgia L. Wade
Reappointed: Fred B. Dunn and Pamela M. Spoo

Senior Citizen Advisory Commission

New: Teodoro S. Felix, Betty L. Davenport, Douglas Westfall, Patricia C. Bergendahl, Rabbi Sidney Guthman, Robert A. Wenke, Naomi L. Brown
Reappointed: Rose Cabanban, Florence L. Dodge, A. Harold Goetz, Teresa Munoz Gorospe, Nancy Higgenson, Debra A. Teofilo and Lu L. Wall

Long Beach Housing Development Company Board

Reappointed: James L. Fortunes, Bradford A. Hooper, Michael LoGrande and Perry Rector

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