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Council Asked To Advance Charter Amendment Giving Non-Elected Rec. Comm'n Exclusive Power Over Leisure Activities in Parks and Rec. Facilities; Deletes Comm'n Authority Over School District Recreation; Will Be Discussed At Special Council Meeting, 2 p.m. Tues. June 11

We post verbatim text of proposal

(June 10, 2002) -- City Hall's non-elected, Mayor nominated, Council approved Recreation Commission is asking the City Council to put a measure on the November, 2002 ballot that would give the non-elected Recreation Commissioners exclusive powers over leisure activities in city parks and rename their body the "Parks and Recreation Commission."

The proposed Charter Amendment (verbatim text on link below) is scheduled for discussion by the full Council at a special afternoon session (sitting as the "Charter Amendment Committee") on Tuesday June 11 at 2 p.m.

The proposed measure, agendized for discussion one week after the June 4 city election for Mayor and 7th district Council [other open Council seats were decided April 9], would give what is now called the Recreation Commission "exclusive authority" over "all leisure activities in public parks and recreational facilities, controlled or operated by the city" and rename the body the "Parks and Recreation Commission".

A transmittal letter from the Recreation Commission to the Council (which we also post below) indicates the Recreation Commission's desire to have its measure placed on the November, 2002 ballot.

Reaction is pending as we post.

The Recreation Commission's transmittal letter and the verbatim text of the proposed measure, are posted in pdf form (8 pages, approx. 700 kB) at: Recreation Comm'n proposed Charter Amendment

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