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Over 150 Attend Grassroots Rosary For Victims of 5th/Pacific Shooting Rampage

Those attending include LBPD South Division officers, veteran LB neighborhood activists, LBUSD Boardmember Suja Lowenthal & LBCC Trustee Diane McNinch

Rosary, June 1(June 2, 2002, updated June 5) -- A crowd of over 150 neighborhood residents and schoolmates, LBPD officers, veteran neighborhood activists and local officials gathered in grief at the Gazebo in Drake Park on June 1 to honor the memories of 8 year old Barbara Ibasco and 38 year old Marcella Perez, killed in a gunman's shooting rampage at the 5th/Pacific Top Valu market on May 30.

The event was organized by the grassroots "Mothers Brigade" (part of the Willmore Police Center) and the Wilmore City Heritage Ass'n.

Organizers of the event, led by Teresa Lopez and Blanca Galvez, used homemade fliers in English and Spanish to spread the word.

Rosary, June 1LBPD officers joined with the community in mourning the victims. Many in the neighborhood were still in a state of shock over the violent crime that took place almost exactly 48 hours earlier.

8 year old Barbara Ibasco -- described in a flier as the Little Angel -- attended the International School. Marcella Perez, in addition to working as a clerk at the Top Valu store, also served as an LBUSD/Drake Park Transportation Assistant. A flier described Ms. Perez as "La persona que cuidaba los ninos en la parada del bus en Drake Park" (roughly, the person who cares for the children in the bus lines at Drake Park)

Rosary, June 1Among those attending were veteran LB activists Carol McCafferty (left) and Bry Myown (right).

Rosary, June 1Among those paying their respects at the ceremony were (left to right) LB Community College Board of Trustee member Diane McNinch, LBUSD Boardmember Suja Lowenthal, husband Daniel Lowenthal and unidentified individual.

Rosary, June 1LBPD South Division officers also came to pay their respects (our photo shows only a few of the many attending). They included Lt. Diana Walton, Sgt. Paul Lebaron, and Officers Chris Martin, Dom Castro, Dave Schilling, Rob Trout [and others too numerous to collect on the spot; if they email us their names, we'll gladly add them here.]

Rosary, June 1 #1A priest, whom participants referred to as Padre Garcia from St. Anthony's church, said the Rosary and offered prayers.

Rosary, June 1Children and adults left touching messages on large poster boards.

For Marcella Perez, from a child: "You were the best one out in Drake Park. Okay, remember. You were the best one."

For little Barbara Ibasco: "Con nosotros un ratito y con Dios toda la vida" ("With us for a short while and with God for life [forever].")

Rosary, June 1 #1And from an LBPD officer [perhaps this gentleman, we're not sure]: "Go with God, dear one."

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