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Breaking News

Reyes-Uranga Wins 7th District Council Seat In Final Vote Count

Beats Donelon by 58 votes (earlier today was 58 votes), roughly 1.3% of vote

Reyes-Uranga(June 11, 2002, posted as breaking news, updated 5:30 p.m.) -- Tonia Reyes-Uranga has won the 7th district Council seat, beating one-term City Council incumbent Mike Donelon, who was rejected by 7th district voters in 1998 and again now.

The City Clerk's tabulation of additional ballots citywide (absentees received in mail and at the polls, plus provisionals) lengthened Reyes-Uranga's 16 vote lead (as of June 5) to 58 votes by midday and ending with a 63 vote margin (1.3%):

7th district Council

Reyes-Uranga: 2,625 (50.6%)
Donelon: 2,562 (49.3%)

Today's outcome is a long sought victory for Reyes-Uranga. In 1994, Donelon beat Reyes-Uranga for the 7th district Council seat. Voters then removed Donelon in 1998, denying him a second term in favor of former incumbent Ray Grabinski.

Reaction pending as we post.

[Update, 5:30 p.m.] Donelon campaign spokesman Jeff Adler told that Mr. Donelon was out of town, was aware of the election results, has not decided whether to ask for a recount and has five days in which to do so.

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