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    Boeing Realty Corp. Unveils Newly Designed Web Site For PacifiCenter @ Long Beach

    (June 23, 2003) -- Boeing Realty Corp. has unveiled a newly designed web site for its PacifiCenter @ Long Beach project.

    The web site -- -- says the contemplated development "will transform unused Boeing aircraft manufacturing buildings into a dynamic mixed-use community of offices, commercial development, neighborhood retail, a hotel and residential neighborhoods -- building upon Long Beach’s bold past and moving towards a brilliant future for the entire community."

    The robust and heavily hyperlinked site says in part, "In response to input received from the cities and neighboring community, the amount of residential units proposed for PacifiCenter has been dropped from a maximum of 3,800 units to a maximum of 2,500 units. Additionally, single-family detached homes have been added, and the location of the housing has been changed to reduce impacts to adjacent neighborhoods."

    The web site indicates the project will include a variety of uses (hyperlinked to provide additional details on the web site):

  • Housing: "2,500 family-friendly single- and multi-family housing [units] are many employees will be able to walk to work in the morning. Homes for everyone from company CEOs to schoolteachers and recent college grads at the start of their careers will be provided. This dynamic housing mix will make it possible for PacifiCenter to attract businesses with high-paying jobs."

    The web site adds that "with PacifiCenter two facts reduce the traffic impact of homes. First, many of the people who work at PacifiCenter will live there, too, which will remove many automobile trips that otherwise would occur. And second, if housing is not built on the site, commercial or retail development would be -- and they also generate traffic, including more truck traffic than residential development."

  • Retail: "...[A] wide array of shopping opportunities for those who live and work in PacifiCenter, and for the neighboring community...150,000 square feet of retail is focused in a neighborhood retail center that will provide exciting shopping options -- more intimate than a conventional center anchored by a major supermarket, with stores offering all from the essentials to the eclectic."

  • Office and Commercial: "...[N]ew buildings to accommodate up to 3.3 million square feet of commercial floor space. Target tenants include professional firms, office users, light manufacturing, and aviation-related businesses."

    Regarding compatibility with neighboring LB Airport, the web site notes that in the plan "industrial and commercial uses are immediately adjacent to the airport because there are fewer noise restrictions for this type of use. The site design also accommodates the general aviation runways. All residential buildings will be located outside the 60 CNEL (Community Noise Equivalent Level) noise contour. In addition, residential buildings will be built with noise reduction features. It is important to note that the homes at PacifiCenter will be clustered away from the Airport, and are beside the main runways, not at the ends of the runways where noise levels are higher."

    The web site says "Boeing Realty has held dozens of meetings with the community, resulting in large-scale revisions to the proposed plan. For the last several months, four Task Forces -- each with members selected by neighborhood associations, not by Boeing Realty -- have been meeting to review the preliminary plans for PacifiCenter. Their continuing input is helping to ensure that the surrounding community’s voice is heard, even early in the planning process. Once the public review process begins, any interested party will have multiple opportunities to express their opinions verbally, or as written comments to the Environmental Impact Report (EIR). The Planning Commissions and City Councils of Long Beach and Lakewood will evaluate all feedback before any final determination is made on the project."

    It adds, "It is difficult to predict when the next phase, publication of the Draft Environmental Impact Report, will occur because the city of Long Beach and City of Lakewood must thoroughly review each of its sections prior to publication. Once it is published, a typical timeline is:

  • 45 to 60 day public comment period
  • 50 to 70 days for city consultants to prepare response to public comments
  • Thereafter, Planning Commission and City Council public hearings
    Most of PacifiCenter is in Long Beach, but a portion is in Lakewood, so both cities will hold Planning Commission and City Council hearings before voting on the project. Only one EIR will be prepared, under the auspices of the City of Long Beach, as the Lead Agency."

    The web site adds, "Together, the public, Boeing Realty and elected officials will capture the full potential of this site and create a brilliant vision for PacifiCenter."

    The web site can be accessed at:

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