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    Mayor Names Hankla To Harbor Commission; Appointment Is Subject To Council Vote; We List Mayoral Appointments To Other Comm'ns

    Hankla(June 10, 2003, updated June 11) -- LB Mayor Beverly O'Neill has appointed former LB City Manager and current Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority CEO James C. Hankla to the LB Board of Harbor Commissioners.

    CorderoThe Mayor also named Mario Cordero (previously vice-chair of a City Hall appointed "Ethics Task Force") to fill a Harbor Commission seat.

    Under the City Charter, the Mayor appoints Harbor Commissioners subject to confirmation by a majority vote of the City Council. A Council vote is expected June 17.

    If confirmed by the Council, Hankla and Cordero will replace outgoing-commissioners Carmen Perez and Roy Hearrean.

    After receiving a unanimous vote of approval from the three members of the Council's Personnel & Civil Service Committee (chair Richardson, members Reyes-Uranga and Baker), Mr. Hankla said:

    "I'd like to thank you for your confidence. I think you well articulated the issues that will be facing the Port of Long Beach in partnership with the City of Long Beach as we move forward. [excerpt below] They are issues and realities which I take very seriously and I want to assure I will do my very best to live up to your expectations."

    None of Committee members questioned Mr. Hankla...or any of the Mayor's appointees. However all of the committee members spoke about the Port...and the sometimes rocky relationship that the public, state lawmakers (including LB Assemblyman Alan Lowenthal) and the Council have had with its impacts.

    Councilman Dan Baker: I am very pleased with the two recommendations that are before the Committee today. I've had the opportunity to meet with both of the gentlemen, and I believe we are ready to appoint two folks who understand the delicate balance between the growth at the Port and the importance for the economic engine to our city that it is, and the neighborhoods and the residents who are directly adjacent to the Port...We need the revenue and the tax base and the jobs that the Port brings to us, but we also need the support and the buy-in of the residents who are impacted by the diesel exhaust, the coke dust and the truck traffic...And I know by watching these two, and their business interactions, that they're coming onto the [Harbor] Commission with that knowledge and that background and a true commitment to the residents of Long Beach and I'm very pleased with the recommendations...

    Councilwoman Tonia Reyes-Uranga: ...We do have some particular challenges when it comes to the Harbor Commission, especially after the frenzy over the 710 and the heartache that it caused...We're particularly concerned because a lot of the reasons why the 710 expansion had to occur, needs to occur, is because of Port growth...There are some major, major challenges that I know that you're very aware of that we're concerned about, not only the 710, the year round operations of the Port and really looking at the environmental effects, and the cumulative effects that the Port [and] Port related business have on this community...I will just say congratulations, and you will be hearing not only from [Councilman] Val [Lerch] but myself on a regular basis as we ensure that our residents are given the same considerations as those on the eastside and downtown area.

    Councilwoman Laura Richardson (chair): ...I'd like to build on what both Councilmembers Uranga and Baker mentioned, and I would say one of my number one concerns is a greater open door between these two oceans over here, and I'd like to see instead of the bridge supporting us, that there would not be a bridge and that we would work more together proactively on the issues that concern both of us. So I think communication, engaging in key issues, when we talk about Port expansion, there should also be a discussion about how that impacts the city and not just Port expansion for the sake of business...We're going to need to work together, and so we're looking forward to doing that...

    Among the Mayor's other appointees (also subject to Council approval):

    Civil Service CommissionPhil Infelise
    Planning CommissionMorton Stuhlbarg
    Recreation CommissionRaymond Chavarria
    Redevelopment Agency BoardNeil McCrabb (Westside PAC)
    Redevelopment Agency BoardThomas Fields (At Large)
    Redevelopment Agency BoardRick Meghiddo (At Large)
    Redevelopment Agency BoardWilliam Baker (NLB PAC, reappointment)
    Water Comm'nFrank Clarke
    Citizen Police Complaint Comm'nRichard L. Aden (5th dist)
    Citizen Police Complaint Comm'nCoqueece King (7th dist)
    Citizen Police Complaint Comm'nDeanna L. Bonachea (8th dist)
    Citizen Police Complaint Comm'nAlvin Richard Austin II (At large)
    Citizen Police Complaint Comm'nJuvie Borges (reappointment, 3d dist)
    Citizen Police Complaint Comm'nPatrick O'Donnell (reappointment, 4th dist)

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