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2nd Annual Jalen & Breanna Thayer Memorial 5K Run/Walk & Is This Saturday, June 9; Register Now To Walk/Run And Be Part Of It


(June 4, 2012) -- "Have faith, be strong," Jalen Thayer continually reminded those around him...and on Saturday June 9, students and adults will honor his memory and that of his sister Breanna with a 5K Run/Walk (and more) to benefit Patrick Henry Elementary and Newcomb Academy Middle School Sports (cross-county race/track and field) and the Jalen Thayer Memorial Scholarship Fund.

The legacy mural at Patrick Henry dedicated to Jalen and Breanna, spring 2011

An organization titled Have Faith Be Strong was established by Lance and Jennifer Thayer to honor and remember their children Breanna (4) and Jalen (15), both of whom lost their lives to brain cancer.

Breanna and Jalen

The group's Facebook page (here) says Have Faith Be Strong is in the process of establishing non-profit status and 501(c)(3) federal tax exemption status.

The event this Saturday will raise funds for the two schools that Jalen attended (Henry Elementary and Newcomb Academy)...and organizers say it's an opportunity for participants to appreciate that they are "alive, well and are able to do the things that many sick children are no longer able to do, like run or walk."

Thayer family as Breanna prepares to undergo radiation treatments, 2003. Mom Jennifer is standing alongside Jalen.

Jalen leaping hurdles, 2007. Jalen was also a scholar, a straight A student.

March, 2011: Family before the Celebration of Life at Henry Elementary School. Left to right: Jennifer Thayer, Scott Thayer, Jalen Thayer, Matthew Thayer, Lance F. Thayer and Michelle Thayer.

Saturday's events include a 5K Run/Walk, 1 Mile Run/Walk, Kids 1K Run, Toddler Trot Lollipop Run and Family Fun Games. The events get underway at 8:00 a.m. Saturday June 9 at Patrick Henry Elementary School, 3720 Canehill Ave. one block south of Heartwell Park in East Long Beach.

Registration is just $3 for kids 10 and under, $5 for Middle School/High School Students and $15 for Adults.

In an event flier, organizers say:

Newcomb Academy will keep all pre-registration entry fees collected from Newcomb prior to the race. Fees should go into a special account to fund the Jalen Thayer Memorial Scholarship and a Breanna Thayer Memorial Scholarship to deserving Newcomb Academy students. If there are additional funds remaining they can be requested to help fund school sports and music/band.

Patrick Henry will keep all pre-registration entry fees collected from Patrick Henry and race day registration entry fees. Fees should go into a special account to fund the Jalen Thayer Memorial Scholarship and a Breanna Thayer Memorial Scholarship to deserving Patrick Henry students. If there are additional funds remaining they can be requested to help fund school sports and music/band.

Have Faith Be Strong will keep all proceeds from concessions. Have Faith Be Strong is a memorial foundation established in honor and memory of Jalen and Breanna Thayer. The mission of Have Faith Be Strong is to serve children diagnosed with cancer (and other life-threatening illnesses) and their families as they go through their struggles together.

There's a registration form available online right now. To download it, click here.

Simply take the completed registration forms to Newcomb or Henry. At Newcomb, put the form in Mr. Sauerheber's mailbox. At Henry, turn them in to the office.

There'll be pre-registration on the Friday (June 8) before the race at Henry Elementary from 3:00-7:00 p.m. and daily at the Henry Office.

On race day (Sat. June 9) there'll be registration at Henry Elementary starting at 7:00 a.m. (please arrive 1 hour before your race to allow ample time to register).

Saturday's events are scheduled as follows:

7:00am Memorial 5K Torch Run from Newcomb Academy to Henry Elementary for family only. The Memorial Torch Run is a run, not a race, and will be led by the torch for family only; all other races are open to the public and will take place at Patrick Henry School.
7am-8am: Registration
8am: National Anthem, Welcome, Musical Performance
8:15 am: Toddler Trot, raffle, game
8:30 am: Kids 1K Run, Awards, raffle, games
8:45 am: Mile Run/Walk, Awards, raffle, games
9:15 am: Male 5K Run, Awards, raffle, games
10:00 am: Female 5K Run, Coed 5K Walk,
11:00 am: raffle, games, grand prizes

Organizers say donations of Gatorade, water, granola bars, fruit snacks and healthy snacks are welcome at Patrick Henry on June 8th from 4:00-7:00 p.m....and gift cards to be used as raffle prizes will also be gratefully accepted.

These "Have Faith Be Strong" T-shirts are in limited supply and will be available at the Jalen & Breanna Thayer Memorial Run/Walk on June 9.

There's also information on the "Have Faith Be Strong" Facebook page, click here.

In a recent email update, parents Lance and Jennifer Thayer wrote:

Jalen's sixteenth birthday was January 10 and Breanna's eleventh birthday was March 8. They are the reason for Have Faith Be Strong. Breanna inspired Jalen and the rest of our family to start awareness and charity for pediatric cancer. Jalen came up with the slogan Have Faith Be Strong and brought it to the next level.

We pledge to continue the work that they started and will do everything possible to help other children diagnosed with cancer (and other life threatening illnesses) along with their families as they go through their struggle together.

We want you all to know how important this is to us. It is the most important thing in our lives, after taking care of our family. We continue to walk by faith, not by sight! We will be taking a leap of faith in returning to Southern California to make things happen...

...Jalen's favorite song was Three Little Birds by Bob Marley. When things got tough, Jalen would sing the lyrics don't worry, about a thing, cause every little thing is gonna be alright. He told us everything is gonna be alright after he was told that there was nothing more that can be done. He inspires us to believe that we can accomplish anything... plans to webcast these inspiring events LIVE on Saturday (June 9) starting with a 7:00 a.m. Memorial Torch Run (family only) and then the multiple events open to everyone: Toddler Trot, 1K Run, 1 Mile Run/Walk, 5K Runs (men and women) and Coed 5K Walk,

To learn that brain cancer has struck not just one, but two of one's children, is simply unimaginable. Lance and Jennifer Thayer and their family have undergone the unimaginable and shown incredible strength throughout all of this. We invite our readers to be part of their efforts to remember and honor Breanna and Jalen this Saturday morning.

A registration form is on this link, click here...and we'll see you at Henry Elementary School on Saturday morning, June 9.

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