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Congressional Candidates Alan Lowenthal & Gary DeLong Proceed To November Runoff; Lowenthal Carries LA County Vote; DeLong Carries OC Vote (See Details); See Quick Video Comments/Q & A w/ Sen. Lowenthal; UPDATE: Morning-After Statements By Both Campaigns


(June 6, 2012, updated 12:10 p.m.) -- State Senator Alan Lowenthal (D, LB-Paramount) and Councilman Gary DeLong will meet in a November runoff for the newly drawn U.S. Congressional seat that includes most of LB and part of western OC.

With 100% of precincts reporting in both L.A. and OC combined (the entire district):

Below are the results for L.A. County...

And below are the results for Orange County:

Congressional candidate/Senator Lowenthal had quick comments for as the results were coming in (approx. 10:40 p.m.).

For video, click here or click video icon (right)

The morning after (June 6), the Lowenthal campaign was first with its release:

[Lowenthal campaign] Alan Lowenthal rolled to victory in the newly drawn 47th Congressional district.

In a record low turnout of 17%, which favored Republicans across the state, Lowenthal still managed to lead the field by a decisive five point margin with 34% of the vote in a field of eight candidates. Nearly 60% of the vote came from Los Angeles County, where Lowenthal dominated with 42% of the vote.

"If the Republicans can't even put up good numbers in a low turnout scenario like this, there is no stopping Alan Lowenthal in November," said Mike Shimpock, Lowenthal's campaign consultant. "With an elevated turnout in November, a solid registration and Democratic performance advantage, and Alan's ability to attract crossover votes, he is the clear frontrunner going into the general election."

The newly-drawn 47th has an eleven point Democratic registration advantage, and gave President Obama an eighteen point margin in 2008. It stretches from Long Beach into Orange County in Southern California.

Candidate DeLong and his campaign followed within minutes:

[Candidate DeLong email comment] I am very pleased with the election results. Steve Kuykendall and I split the moderate vote, and collectively beat Alan Lowenthal by almost 6%.

Clearly voters are looking for someone who can reach across the aisle and work with everyone. Alan’s track record of partisanship and anti-business legislation will work against him in November as it did last evening.

The race will be won or lost by one or two points, and I intend to continue working hard to ensure we’re on top on November 6th.

[Via DeLong campaign mgr. Bill Christiansen] "Gary DeLong’s plan to get our economy working again appeals across party lines in this new open Congressional District...Gary’s ability to attract independent voters along with the solid base of all Republican votes yesterday is a winning formula for the November election.

"Alan Lowenthal’s consistent anti-business voting record has been terrible for our state economy and would be even worse for our national economy...Lowenthal can’t even pull in his own voter base, which is bad news for his failed campaign message so far."

One of the two candidates will ultimately go to the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, D.C. for the next two years and possibly longer.

If Councilman DeLong loses, he will return to his current LB City Council position for the next two years (first elected 2006).

If Senator Lowenthal loses, he will for the first time in twenty years (starting with the LB City Council (2nd dist.) in 1992, then Assembly in 1998, then state Senate in 2004) no longer hold an elected office.

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