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CHP Was On Scene Of Pearce-Cotter Incident (Shoreline Dr.) With LBPD For Roughly 90 Minutes, CHP Recs Indicate is reader and advertiser supported. Support independent news in LB similar to the way people support NPR and PBS stations. We're not non-profit so it's not tax deductible but $49.95 (less than an annual dollar a week) helps keep us online.
(June 22, 2017, 9:35 p.m.) -- has obtained records of communications between a CHP field officer and CHP dispatch handling the June 3, 2017 incident involving Long Beach Councilwoman Jeannine Pearce and her former Chief of Staff, Devin Cotter.

The records indicate CHP remained on the scene for roughly one hour and thirty six minutes. It's the first law enforcement indication has of the amount of time that elapsed between law enforcement's arrival on scene (with the CHP officer) and when the CHP officer considered it appropriate to leave. LBPD's initial June 7 statement on the incident doesn't indicate at what time LBPD arrived at the Shoreline Dr. location and at what time it left the location.

CHP provided the radio transmission of its field officer and a printout of CHP's Computer Aided Dispatch to under the CA Public Records Act. CHP's records are consistent with major points in a statement released by the Long Beach Police Department on June 7, however LBPD's initial statement didn't indicate how long LBPD was present at the scene.

CHP's records indicate its field officer arrived on scene at roughly 2:35 a.m. and requested Long Beach PD assistance, stating he was with "a possible domestic violence party." To hear the audio, click here .

CHP's Computer Aided Dispatch printout indicates the CHP officer didn't leave until 4:09 a.m. and the incident wasn't closed from CHP's perspective until 4:12 a.m., a duration of about 1 hour, 36 minutes.

CHP's Computer Aided Dispatch printout doesn't mention possible domestic violence or a possible DUI (details below). LBPD's June 7 statement indicates LBPD didn't find sufficient cause for a DUI arrest or related to a domestic violence incident and LBPD says Ms. Pearce, the driver, passed a field sobriety test. No arrests were made at the Shoreline Dr. location.

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In a June 7 statement (following a story in the Beachcomber), LBPD stated that "CHP officers indicated that they were unsure if a crime had occurred and asked for LBPD to investigate further. LBPD did not find sufficient cause for arrest related to a domestic violence incident or driving under the influence. The female driver admitted driving the vehicle, however she successfully completed a field sobriety test." LBPD's statement identified the female driver as Jeannine Pearce and said she was "taken home by a friend" while the male passenger (identified by LBPD as Devin Cotter) was transported home by LBPD officers.

LBPD said that at about 6:00 a.m., the female driver was "returning home with her vehicle when she was [allegedly] confronted by the male passenger involved in the earlier dispute." LBPD statement indicates Ms. Pearce drove away, called police, and officers arrived and arrested Mr. Cotter for alleged public intoxication and an active $50,000 DUI warrant.



By early evening June 7, LBPD Chief Robert Luna issued a statement noting that it is LBPD's responsibility "to document circumstances in order to conduct a thorough investigation to determine if a crime or crimes have been committed" and added: "Due to the ongoing criminal investigation, additional details of the case and related circumstances are not being released at this time." Chief Luna's statement also indicated that LBPD is "reviewing the circumstances surrounding this incident to ensure the actions taken in the field were consistent with our policies and procedures."


CHP Audio

CHP provided an audio clip that begins with an automated time stamp indicating "Saturday June 3, 2017, the time 2:34 a.m." CHP unit C77-430 transmits, identifying himself from the field but the signal quality is poor; the dispatcher mistakenly asks "230" to go ahead. About eight seconds pass and 77-430 transmits again, this time with a clearer signal; the dispatcher acknowledges receiving 430 and tells him to go ahead [and describe the topic of his transmission.]

77-430 states: "Can you start Long Beach PD to our location? We're gonna be on Shoreline Drive just north of Ocean Blvd. I'm with a possible domestic violence party and they feel like [audibility difficult] PD as well."

The dispatcher repeats [standard procedure] that 77-430 is on with a possible domestic violence [incident] on Shoreline just north of Ocean, requesting Long Beach PD; the dispatcher seeks 77-430's status; he replies "code 4" [no further CHP assistance needed] and he describes the make and model the vehicle [which we're omitting; city management has informed us in response to our inquiry that Councilwoman Pearce wasn't issued a city vehicle; she receives a monthly auto allowance.]

To hear the audio clip as indicated above, click here.



CAD Printout

A print-out of the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) communications displays quickly entered notes typed by CHP dispatchers, and in some cases automated entries, of events as they took place in real time. The entries include "police-speak" and CHP terminology; we include clarifiers in brackets [] and in italics based on information provided to us by the CHP Public Safety Dispatch Supervisor's office.

A brief section titled "Comments" includes the following, all of which are labeled responses:

02:35:51[by dispatcher A15701]"OUT WITH POSSIBLE // REQ LONG BEACH PD" note: CHP Public Safety Dispatch says the entry "possible" is conventional CHP dispatcher terminology to refer to a number of incidents that may or may not lead to an arrest. The term DUI doesn't appear anywhere in the CHP documents or audio transmission we received. The two slash marks are punctuation with no substantive meaning.
02:36:02[by dispatch A15701]"C77-430 [CHP field officer] REQ LONG BEACH PD"
02:42:30[by user A14537][brackets in original] "[Notification][CHP]-1039 LBPD WILL ASSIGN A UNIT"
04:09:47[by user VisiNET]"Request to Cancel by VisiNETMobileInterface (C77-430)
04:09:47[from CHP field officer C77-430]"10-98" [assignment completed]

In a section labeled "time stamps," the CAD indicates the dispatcher's first keystroke was at 2:35:51. and incident was designated "closed" at 4:12:09.

A more detailed section titled "activity log" includes the following entries. We have omitted a number of intervening CAD lines indicating routine activity (clicks/exit/save actions.)

TimeRadioActivityLog EntryUser
02:35:51C77-430 [CHP field officer]10-97 [arrived on scene][blank]A15701
02:36:19C77-430Task Request SentTask request: PLS ROLL LBPD. The request was sent to advisor role(s): LILAA15701
02:37:35Read Incident[blank]Comment for Incident 021 was Marked as ReadA16431
02:43:02C77-430Task Request AcceptedRequest PLS ROLL LBPD. The request was accepted by [redacted by CHP] (A16431)A16431
02:48:55C77-430Task Request DeclinedRequest: TASK REQUEST!!! PLS ROLL LBPD 021 C77-430. The request was declined by [redacted by CHP] (A16531)A16531 note: CHP Public Safety Dispatch says the two preceding entries simply mean the request by the first dispatcher was already handled [and LBPD is responding] and a second dispatcher thus "declined" the request in order to clear the second dispatcher's screen [because the request was already handled.]
03:35:53[blank]Read commentComment for Incident 021 was Marked as ReadA16531
04:09:47C77-430Request to cancelRequest to Cancel by VisiNetMobile Interface (C77-430)VisiNET
04:09:47C77-43010-8 [CHP unit back in service]Request to Cancel by VisiNetMobile Interface (C77-430)VisiNET

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