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5th District Council Race: Selected Campaign Contributions & Data

(March 15, 2002) -- In the public interest, posts below selected campaign contribution data in the 5th district City Council race from public record disclosure reports covering the period January 1, 2002 through February 23, 2002.

Below is a quick overview, ranking 5th district candidates by their campaigns' cash on hand, followed by selected contributors:

  • Jackie Kell: Cash on hand (as of Feb. 23, 2002): $2,887.12. From Jan. 1, 2002-Feb. 23, 2002, the Kell campaign reported receiving $2700.00 in contributions, plus $1,850 in loans (from Ms. Kell to her campaign).

  • John Donaldson: Cash on hand (as of Feb. 23, 2002): $1,085.10. From Jan. 1, 2002-Jan. 31, 2002, the Donaldson campaign reported receiving $1,724.00.

  • Ananya Mullane: Cash on hand (as of Feb. 23, 2002): $757.65 From Jan. 1, 2002-Feb. 23, 2002, the Mullane campaign reported receiving $1,325.00 in contributions.

    In the interest of brevity, we are listing selected contributors; not all contributors or their occupations/employers are indicated below.

    One final note: contributions to political campaigns are legally protected first amendment political activity. At the same time, CA law gives the public the right to know about them and requires political campaigns to disclose them in periodic filings. As indicated below, they did.

    Friends of Jackie Kell - 2002
    (Jan 1-Feb 23, 2002)

    Monetary contributions:$2,700.00
    Loans to campaign: $1,850 (from Jackie Kell)
    Cash payments made:$1,662.88
    Ending cash balance: $2,887.12

    Monetary contributions include:

    2/23/02Carmen Perez$100
    2/23/02John Calhoun$100
    2/23/02Kristy Ardizzone$200
    2/23/02Alexander D. Wilcox (Dir., JetBlue)$200
    2/23/02Tom Jacobson (Owner, Tom's Aircraft)$300
    2/23/02Robert Lamond$100
    2/23/02Samuel Keesal, Esq.$300

    Donaldson for the 5th District
    (Jan 1-Feb. 23, 2002)

    Monetary contributions:$1,724.00
    Cash payments made:$638.90
    Ending cash balance:$1,085.10

    Monetary contributions include:

    1/26/02Roger Erickson$300
    1/27/02Adrea Stoker$100
    1/27/02Ann Cantrell$100

    Mullane for City Council
    (Jan. 1-Feb. 23, 2002)

    Monetary contributions:$1,325.00
    Total payments:$667.35
    Ending cash balance:$757.65 intends to post further campaign reporting data as newsworthy.

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