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Boeing Reality Corp. Announces Changes in "PacifiCenter @ Long Beach" Team

(March 8, 2002) -- Boeing Realty Corp., developer of the "PacifiCenter @ Long Beach" development, today announced "it has reached a new stage in the project and has transitioned to new resources for the entitlement phase."

In a written release from its Seattle HQ, the company said Mike Russell, VP of development for the project, "has left to pursue other development opportunities" and Pamela Sapetto, principal of Government Solutions of Irvine, Ca., "will help lead the project through the entitlement phase of development. Government Solutions specializes in guiding significant development projects through the entitlement process."

Philip Cyburt, president of Boeing Realty Corp. is quoted as saying, "Government Solutions has an enviable record of successfully guiding significant projects through entitlement and will make a solid addition to the outstanding team that has brought PacifiCenter through the initial phases of concept, feasibility and design."

He added, "We look forward to continuing to work with Long Beach and Lakewood to bring PacifiCenter to life and make it a centerpiece of economic development, recreation and employment for Long Beach and the surrounding communities."

Some aspects of the PacifiCenter development have come under increasing criticism, mainly the possibility of as many as 3,800 residential units near an airport runway. An unusual combination of homeowners and airport business interests oppose this for different reasons. Homeowners say the large population influx will drain city services. Airport interests oppose it for creating a potential impediment to future airport uses.

Boeing Realty Corp's release said, "PacifiCenter @ Long Beach will transform 260 acres of surplus airplane manufacturing facilities in Southern California into a quality mixed-use neighborhood for the community. Bringing together lifestyle and workstyle in a dynamic world-class business setting, PacifiCenter will combine the energy of a mixed-use downtown with a wide selection of recreational activities, a vast array of amenities and generous open spaces."

Posted as breaking news. Developing.

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