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    U.S. Centers For Disease Control Issues Health Alert on Fatal Flu:

    • "Several Cases" Now Reported In Canada From Travelers Recently Returned From S.E. Asia Where It's Killed In Vietnam, Hong Kong & Parts of China
    • No Cases In U.S Yet...But CDC Is Now Investigating Illnesses Among Travelers Who May Have Passed Thru U.S. After Having Potential Exposure To Pathogen

    We include link to CDC's "Interim Information and Recommendations for Health Care Providers"

    (March 15, 2003) -- The U.S. Centers for Disease Control has issued a health alert concerning a fatal flu which causes a severe, atypical pneumonia...and has now appeared in Canada among travelers recently returned from S.E. Asia where it's killed in Vietnam, Hong Kong and parts of China.

    We post a self-explanatory CDC release below...followed by a link to the CDC's Interim Information and Recommendations for Health Care Providers (i.e. the real thing for doctors. Caveat: Issued Mar. 15, 2003, 18:00 EDT; check site for updates.)

    CDC says no cases have been reported in the U.S. yet...but CDC is investigating illnesses among travelers who may have passed through the U.S. after having potential exposure to the pathogen.

    CDC also revealed it is preparing "health alert cards to give to travelers returning from Southeast Asia."

    Earlier today, Reuters News (linked on's front page at reported that the World Health Organization has warned of a worldwide health threat from the killer pneumonia. In a rare "emergency travel advisory," the U.N. health agency said an ill passenger was taken to an isolation unit in Frankfurt, Germany after being removed from a plane en route from New York to Singapore. Roughly 155 other passengers were placed in quarantine while 85 other passengers and 20 crew were allowed to continue their journey.

    [begin C.D.C. release text]

    Atlanta: In response to reports of increasing numbers of cases of an atypical pneumonia that the World Health Organization (WHO) has called Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) today announced several steps to alert US health authorities at local and state levels.

    CDC activated its emergency operations center on Friday, March 14, upon learning of several cases reported in Canada among travelers recently returned from Southeast Asia and their family members. The federal public health agency:

    • Issued a health alert to hospitals and clinicians on Saturday, March 15.
    • Briefed state health officials on Saturday, March 15.
    • Is investigating illness among travelers who may have passed through the United States after having potential exposure to the virus.
    • Is preparing health alert cards to give to travelers returning from Southeast Asia.
    • Is preparing guidance to assist public health departments, health care facilities and clinicians in monitoring and identifying potential cases.
    • Deployed eight CDC scientists to assist the WHO in the global investigation.
    • Is analyzing specimens to identify a cause for the illness.

    CDC has been working with the World Health Organization (WHO) since late February to investigate and confirm outbreaks of this severe form of pneumonia in Viet Nam, Hong Kong, and parts of China. No cases have been identified to date in the United States.

    "The emergence of two clusters of this illness on the North American continent indicates the potential for travelers who have been in the affected areas of Southeast Asia to have been exposed to this serious syndrome," said Dr. Julie L. Gerberding, CDC Director. "The World Health Organization has been leading a global effort, in which CDC is participating, to understand the cause of this illness and how to prevent its spread. We do know that it may progress rapidly and can be fatal. Therefore, we are instituting measures aimed at identifying potential cases among travelers returning to the United States and protecting the people with whom they may come into contact."

    The WHO issued a global alert about the outbreak on March 12, cautioning that the severe respiratory illness may spread to hospital staff. No link has been made between this illness and any known influenza, including the "bird flu" (A[H5N1]) outbreak reported in Hong Kong on February 19.

    CDC has also posted Interim Information and Recommendations for Health Care Providers in dealing with the disease. (Caveat: Issued Mar. 15, 2003, 18:00 EDT; check site for updates.)

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