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    Tank Farm @ Studebaker/Loynes Proposed As Site Of Home Depot-Anchored Comm'l Center

    Home Depot site, 3/21/04(March 21, 2004) -- An industrial tank farm at Studebaker Rd. and Loynes Dr. is proposed to become a major commercial center anchored by a Home Depot store along with a 7,000 sq. ft. sit-down restaurant (plus 2,050 sq. feet of outdoor eating area) and 45,000 sq. ft. of other commercial uses.

    The proposal is described (with a site plan which we post below) in a Notice of Intention to Prepare A Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR), issued by LB City Hall.

    Home Depot site, 3/21/04The project will bring a changed view to University Park Estates, Channel View Park and nearby ELB and Shore areas. The 7,000 sq. ft. restaurant, a major 30,000 sq. ft use and a 15,000 sq. ft pad are proposed along Studebaker Rd. (south of the power plant that will remain). The Home Depot and most of the 918 proposed parking spaces said to be sufficient under LB's zoning code will be further east on the roughly 16.5 acre site at 400 Studebaker Rd.

    The Home Depot is proposed to have 104,886 sq. an adjoining Garden Center of 34,643 sq. ft. Currently, the nearest Home Depots are in Signal Hill (2450 Cherry Ave.) Lakewood (off Clark Ave. north of Del Amo) and Westminster (6633 Westminster Blvd.)

    Access to the site is proposed via a new primary entry at the signalized intersection of Studebaker Rd. and Loynes Dr. and by two new secondary entries providing right/in, right/out access from Studebaker Rd. A total of 918 parking spaces are proposed,

    To view the proposed site plan in pdf form, click here.

    The project will require a Conditional Use Permit (retail trade in the IG (General Industrial) Zone, Local Coastal Development Permit and Standards Variance.

    Among the issues and responses in city staff's initial study (giving City Hall's view of potential environmental effects known to date):

  • Would the project cause an increase in traffic which is substantial in relation to the existing traffic load and capacity of the street system (i.e., result in substantial increase in either the number of vehicle trips, the volume to capacity ratio on roads, or congestion at intersections?

    Potentially significant impact. A traffic and circulation study is in preparation that will address traffic impacts associated with construction and operation of the proposed project. The proposed project may cause an increase in daily vehicle trips when compared to the existing uses on site. The increase attributable to the project may cause congestion at intersections in the vicinity. The EIR will incorporate the analysis, findings, and mitigation measures formulated in a traffic and circulation study.

  • Would the project create a new source of substantial light or glare which would adversely affected day or nighttime views in the area?

    Potentially significant impact unless mitigation incorporated. Project implementation would create lighting sources on the project site with the addition of building, parking area, and security lighting. Although the proposed project may create a significant new source of light, there is sufficient distance between the project site and the nearest sensitive receptors so that any potential impacts are expected to be less than significant. The EIR, however, will describe project lighting and will identify mitigation measures, if needed, to reduce potentially significant impacts resulting from new light sources on the project site.

  • Would the project result in...need for new or physically altered governmental order to maintain acceptable service ratios, response times or other performance objectives for any of the public services?

    Less than significant impact. The proposed project is an urban in-fill project in an area presently served by all public services. While the redevelopment of the project site has the potential to result in an increase in demand for police [and fire protection] services, the increase is expected to be incremental and not result in the need for new or expanded police facilities [or an expanded fire department facility.] Impacts related to public services, including police protection [and fire protection and emergency medical services], are expected to be less than significant. The EIR will, however, address service capacity of existing systems and any potential impacts to those services.

  • City staff will conduct a "scoping meeting" (to take public input on the recommended scope of the EIR) on April 7 at 6 p.m., Kettering Elementary School, 550 Silvera Ave., LB 90803.

    The complete Notice of Preparation and Initial Study (describing the project and giving City Hall's view of potential environmental effects known to date) are available for public review (from March 19 to April 20) at LB's Main (101 Pacific), the Bay Shore, El Dorado and Brewitt Libraries, and LB's Planning and Building Dept. at City Hall.

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