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Mayor Foster's Re-Election Committee, Which Reported Roughly A Quarter Million Dollars In The Bank As Of Late Feb, Is Holding Another Fundraiser

(March 12, 2010) -- has learned that the campaign to re-elect LB Mayor Bob Foster -- whose only ballot opponent in the April 2010 election cycle is a candidate representing the viewpoint of the Party for Socialism and Liberation -- has scheduled a fundraiser in Lakewood in early April at the home of Ronald and Nancy Piazza.

Mr. Piazza operates several McDonalds locations in the LB-Lakewood area, currently serves as [titles for identification only] President of the Board of Ronald McDonald House Charities of So. Cal and has served in the leadership of the YMCA of Greater LB,

The invitation invites maximum contributions of $1,500 couple co-host and $750 co-host, as well as $500 sponsors and $250 per person, and also includes a line for a blank (fill-in) amount.

The Foster campaign reported raising over $290,000 in 2009, with $4,000 more in the first two months of 2010, bringing its total raised to nearly $300,000...and reported cash on hand as of February 27, 2010 of roughly $250,000.

[Comment: Of course all this gets our attention, because we don't believe Mayor Foster is concerned about a large number of Che Guevara supporters hurting his reelection chances.]

What can Bob Foster do with that money if it's not all consumed in his re-election contest? LB's Campaign Reform Act states in pertinent part:

2.01.390 - Transfer of funds.

Campaign funds and officeholder funds may not be used as a transfer, loan or contribution to any other candidate for local, state or federal elective office.

It further provides:

Any funds remaining to a candidate, or any controlled committee of such candidate, at the end of the Election Cycle, during which such funds have been raised, shall be defined as "Surplus Funds" and shall be disposed of only as provided in this Division X. Funds retained by a candidate and specifically earmarked for payment of campaign expenses lawfully incurred during the Election Cycle need not be included in Surplus Funds provided that, if such payment is not made on or before the December 31 next following the end of the Election Cycle (or, in the case of a special election, one hundred twenty (120) days after the date of the election), such funds so retained shall thereafter be deemed Surplus Funds.

2.01.1020 - Retention of five thousand dollars by office holders.

Any person holding office as a result of a successful campaign resulting in Surplus Funds may retain up to five thousand dollars of such Surplus Funds for expenditures associated with holding such office in accordance with the provisions of Sections 89512 and 89513 of the California Government Code.

2.01.1030 - Disposal of surplus funds.

Except as provided in Section 2.01.1020, Surplus Funds shall be disposed of in the following order and priority:

A. Surplus Funds shall first be used to reimburse the Campaign Reform Account of the City of Long Beach up to the full amount of matching funds, if any, received by the candidate.

B. Any funds remaining after such reimbursement, if any, may be expended exclusively as provided in Section 89515 of the California Government Code [text below] and must be so expended no later than the December 31 next following the end of the Election Cycle (or, in the case of a special election, one hundred twenty (120) days after the date of the election).

C. Any funds not expended pursuant to Subsection 2.01.1030.A or 2.01.1030.B by December 31 next following the end of the Election Cycle (or, in the case of a special election, one hundred twenty (120) days after the date of the election) shall be paid immediately into the Campaign Reform Account of the City of Long Beach.

CA Government Code section 89515 [cited in the LB Muni Code section above] provides in pertinent part:

89515. Campaign funds may be used to make donations or loans to bona fide charitable, educational, civic, religious, or similar tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations, where no substantial part of the proceeds will have a material financial effect on the candidate, elected officer, campaign treasurer, or any individual or individuals with authority to approve the expenditure of campaign funds held by a committee, or member of his or her immediate family, and where the donation or loan bears a reasonable relation to a political, legislative, or governmental purpose.

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