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5th District Council Candidates Corliss Lee and Rich Dines Field Residents' Questions, Display Some Differences With Each Other And With Non-Attending Incumbent Stacy Mungo; All Four Ballot Candidates Slated To Appear At March 15 LVNA Forum is reader and advertiser supported. Support independent news in LB similar to the way people support NPR and PBS stations. We're not non-profit so it's not tax deductible but $49.95 (less than an annual dollar a week) helps keep us online.
(March 9. 2018, 8:45 a.m.) -- 5th district Council candidates Corliss Lee and Rich Dines fielded multiple residents' questions, displaying some differences between the two and with non-attending incumbent Stacy Mungo at a March 8 candidate forum organized by Citizens About Responsible Planning (CARP) and The Eastside Voice (grassroots neighborhood group.)

Council incumbent Mungo chose not to attend, indicating through a representative dissatisfaction with the event's organizers; candidate John Osborn cited a conflicting business obligation. All four ballot candidates are slated to appear at a March 15 candidate forum (details below) organized by the Lakewood Village Neighborhood Association.

The March 8 CARP-Eastside Voice forum at McBride High School was moderated by CSULB lecturer/Third District resident Robert Shurtz using League of Women voters guidelines (a few questions by moderator, the majority submitted by audience members on cards.)

[Scroll down for further. independently provides extended audio coverage below in on-demand podcast form. We also provide a time index to specific questions.



Opening statementsStart to 6:15
[Moderator questions] What is your top priority?6:33-8:15
What differentiates 5th district from other districts?8:40-10:42
How do you plan to communicate with constituents?10:54-12:49
[Audience questions begin] How will you address city's pension liability in future budgets?13:11-16:30
What are your skills and approach for working collaboratively with your colleagues?16:40-19:03
What is your approach for ensuring City Council actions are transparent?19:19-22:08
What is your position on "sanctuary city" status?22:16-24:33
What is your stance on the Airport Noise Ordinance? Should fines be increased? Will you support residents over corporate interests?24:49-28:50
Do you have a plan to help the homeless in CD and the city as a whole?29:09-33:42
Do you support plan to split property tax rates and raise the rate for commercial property?33:56-36:30
Are you satisfied with the Council vote on LUE? What about parking for the high density buildings? Will you vote to stop LUE?36:51-40:55
PD and FD still underfunded and understaffed; how do we pay for more public safety?41:10-44:13
Taxpayers agreed to raise sales tax for infrastructure and public safety. What happened to the money?44:25-46:30
Do you support changing the City's Charter to allow the Council to take millions of dollars from the Water Dept?46:46-49:51
Streets in Lakewood Village are terrible. How would you make certain the 5th district gets its fair share of street repair and how will you pay for repair?50:08-53:13
What is your position on the Council's role in mandating private sector work practices such as hotel workers?53:26-55:29
We'll be having 32 medical marijuana dispensaries in our city. What is your stance on allowing dispensaries to become recreational?55:49-59:07
How would you attract more business in CD5? Working in LB would reduce traffic.59:23-1:03:00
Do you support LB's membership in the So. Calif. Ass'n of Gov'ts (SCAG)1:03:11-1:06:06
Do you believe City would best be served by a full time City Council?1:06:28-1:09:15
Which current Councilperson do you align yourself with and why?1:09:34-1:10:48
How can LB become a greener city?1:10:55-1:14:22
Who should name or rename city assets such as libraries?1:14:36-1:16:18
Do you support affordable housing at the Traffic Circle which is adjacent to Community Hospital slated for closing due to seismic activity?1:16:37-1:20:31
LB is not on a fiscally sustainable track. Would you consider using public sector consulting as offered by [private financial firms]1:20:51-1:22:43
Do you support Parks & Recreation programming equalized on districts?1:22:52-1:25:35
Will you commit to oppose attempts to allow international operations at LB Airport?1:25:45-1:27:55
What role do yoiu see the City Council having in supporting schools in LB?1:28:02-1:31:33
Do you agree that the eastside should keep Community Hospital and ER, and how will you help get a new provider?1:31:45-1:33:52
Are you in favor of road diets?1:34:04-1:36:32
Do you know where Imperial Estates is located, and what are you going to do to help us?1:36:46-1:37:07
Do you support the [current] salary of the Mayor?1:37:37-1:39:35
Can we have future propositions, measures, ordinances involving public votes worded clearly and not using "double-speak" like Measure A that confused Long Beach?1:40:07-1:43:18
Closing statements1:43:38-conclusion


On March 15, the Lakewood Village Neighborhood Association will present a 5th district candidates' forum and LVNA president Bruce DeMille says all four candidates (incumbent Mungo + challengers Lee, Dines and Osborn) have confirmed they will attend. The March 15 forum will take place at Bancroft Middle School, 5301 Centralia Street, 6:30 p.m.



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