' Grassroots Council of Neighborhood Organizations (CONO) Issues This Statement In Advance of Council LUE Vote

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Grassroots Council of Neighborhood Organizations (CONO) Issues This Statement In Advance of Council LUE Vote

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(March 6, 2018, 10:50 a.m.) -- On March 5, LB's grassroots Council of Neighborhood Organizations (CONO) has issued the statement below in advance of a March 6 city-staff agendized Council item requesting Council action (with or without tweaks) on LUE density increase maps that would trigger preparation of a revised Program Environmental Impact Report (EIR).

In its statement, CONO Executive Director Robert Fox suggests the "Program EIR" include a line: "All final decisions regarding the EIR upon submission of plans and adjujstment and alteration by the Development Department shall rest with the City Council for approval."

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CONO statement says it supports:

  • "The Mayor's vision of development the Downtown area and the downtown Blue Line area;"

  • "A limited time LUE (for five years or less) to be reviewed, amended and re-examined at those intervals so to adjust to actual population shifts and development issues"

  • "A 'moratorium' on LUE Place-type development outside of the Mayor's vision during the firt 5 years with exceptions to be made for each Councilmembers recommendatgions per development"

  • "An Architectural Design Commission to review all developments for design, form and appropriateness to each area of the City (one size does not fit all)

  • "A Traffic Element to be created contiguously with the LUE as soon as possible, so that our set back requirements for electric trains or other mass transit will not be compromised"

  • "A report on Water Resources for any additional population ASAP"



Following tonight's (March 6) Council vote, staff will prepare a revised PEIR based on whatever maps the Council advances. The revised PEIR will then be circulated for public comments, city responses, a Planning Commission recommendation and ultimately a Council vote on whether to adopt PEIR and maps as approved by the Council on March 6, or reduce impacts of the maps further (but not increase them) with the future Council vote ultimately leading to land use zoning changes citywide.




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