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Union PACs With No Visible Connection To "Public Safety" Are Source Of Indie-Committee Mailers Coming From Entity Calling Itself "Public Safety To Support Dines"; Mailers Will Support Dines And Oppose Incumbent Mungo is reader and advertiser supported. Support independent news in LB similar to the way people support NPR and PBS stations. We're not non-profit so it's not tax deductible but $49.95 (less than an annual dollar a week) helps keep us online.
(March 22, 2018, 9:40 a.m.) -- City Clerk filed documents indicate that 5th Council district voters will soon receive campaign mailers from an entity calling itself "Long Beach Public Safety to Support Dines for City Council 2018." The City Clerk materials show the group's contributors to date consist of three union PACs:

  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union 11: $25,000, Oct, 2, 2017
  • Southern CA Pipe Trades District Council 16: $25,000, Dec. 12, 2017
  • International Longshore and Warehouse Union Foreman's Local 94: $2,500, Feb. 8, 2018

Giving itself a name including "Public Safety" allows it (and requires it) to use that name on its mailers sent to residents. Candidate Dines is an ILWU Marine Clerk with Local 63, and for many years was a member of ILWU Local 13's Executive Board and Political Action Committee.

The City Clerk-filed materials indicate the mailers support candidate Dines and oppose incumbent Mungo.

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The union-PAC-backed warchest is legally independent of Mr. Dines campaign. The Dines campaign and candidate Dines can't legally communicate with the entity independently supporting the election of Mr. Dines. City Clerk filed materials show the entity has spent over $16,000 to date on mailers, consultant fees and the like.



LB's police officer (LBPOA) and firefighter (LBFFA) union PACs -- who were the two biggest contributors to a committee that supported the June 2016 Measure A sales tax increase (which failed passage in nearly every 5th district precinct) -- have endorsed and contributed sums to re-elect incumbent Councilmember Stacy Mungo (who voted with other Councilmembers to put the sales tax increase on the ballot.) The "blank check" sales tax increase has given LB the highest sales tax rate in CA (tied with only a few other cities) and brought City Hall $40+ million annually. From this cash infusion, the Council has to date restored 17 out of 208 police officers erased since 2009, plus Fire Engine 8 (Belmont Shore), Rescue 12 (NLB) and funded a number of street repair and other infrastructure items. The cash infusion also effectively fiscally freed-up other General Fund sums that the Council has spent to (among other things) approve pay raises for nearly all of City Hall's city employee unions (including police, fire and city management.)


In October 2017, Mr. Dines entered the race. In 2011, then-Mayor Foster appointed Mr. Dines to LB's Harbor Commission and in April 2017, Dines contributed $250 to re-elect Mayor Robert Garcia. In July 2017, Mayor Garcia chose not to reappoint Mr. the Harbor Commission and on March 19, 2018, Mungo's campaign announced the endorsement of Mayor Garcia.

Candidate Corliss Lee entered the race in November 2017, announcing herself as a reform candidate after incumbent Mungo publicly disparaged accurate information by Ms. Lee about the approaching LUE at a late April 2017 community meeting.

Candidate John Osborn entered the race in December 2017, loaned his campaign $10,000 in February 2018 and announced at the conclusion of a March 15, 2018 candidate forum that he's dropping out of the race and endorsing incumbent Mungo.

On Mar. 22 at 11:38 a.m., corrected the text above to reflect that Mr. Dines is an ILWU Marine Clerk with Local 63 (not currently with Local 13) and that Mr. Dines filed his candidate intention statement on Oct. 6 before candidate Lee filed her candidate intention statement on November 7.



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