' 2018 Land Use / Housing Legislation: SB 827


2018 Sac'to Bills That Could Affect Land Use / Housing Density: SB 827

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(UPDATED March 11, 2018) -- Below is LBREPORT.com's detailed coverage to date of SB 827:

March 6, 2018: After approving Council-district amendments to LUE maps, Council votes without dissent to oppose SB 827 (Sac'to dictated transit-vicinity housing bldg heights) citing loss of local control.

Senator Wiener's Words & Pix Show What His SB 827 Would Do Re Sac'to Dictated Developer-Desired Transit Vicinity Housing Heights
First (Again) on LBREPORT.com: SB 827 Author Amendments Would Retain Local Zoning Override / Sac'to Dictated Multi-Story Housing Heights Near Transit
Follow-Up / In Detail: Council Takes No Position on "Transit Rich" Housing Density Dictating SB 827 For Now, Sends Issue To A LB Council Committee Awaiting Amendments (Not Publicly Disclosed) By Bill's Author Expected In Late February
  • Council incumbents don't mention LUE density increase maps coming to Council vote Mar. 6, but Council candidates Gordana Kajer and Corliss Lee do at afternoon press availability...and want City to seek amendments to SB 35
  • Sen. Wiener's office provides us with the text of his letter to Councilmembers, included in our coverage here.
    Follow-Up / In Detail: See Sen. Wiener's Polite But Unflinching Letter To LB Council re SB 827; He Defended His "Transit Rich" Housing Density-Dictating Bill, Suggested Council To Wait For Amendments He'll Propose...And LB Council Did As He Asked

    [Scroll down for further.]

  • Councilwoman Mungo, Joined By Councilmembers Supernaw and Austin, Agendize Council Item To Oppose "Transit Rich" Housing Density Dictating SB 827, Saying It Would Usurp Local Restrictions

    At NLB Invitation-Only LUE Meeting, Mayor Garcia Sidesteps -- For Now -- Stating Position On Density Dictating SB 827
    Perspective Via CityWatchLA.com: Former L.A. City Planner Platkin Collapses Rationales For "Transit Rich" Density-Dictating SB 827
    It's titled: "The More You Stir it, the More It Stinks: New Planning Legislation from Sacramento"
    League of CA Cities Urges Cities To Oppose SB 827 (Would Override Local Zoning, Enable Sac'to Dictated Denser/Taller Housing Near Transit); LB Mayor/Councilmembers Mum To Date
    Perspective: Berkeley News Outlet & SW L.A. Advocacy Group Blast SB 827 (Would Override Local Zoning, Mandate Denser/Taller Bldgs Near Transit) And Criticize Its Author And Supporters; LB Mayor/Council Mum While L.A. Councilman Calls It "Devastating" And "Insanity"
    Sac'to Senator Wiener (Authored SB35) Introduces New Bill -- SB 827 -- Offering Housing Developers Density Bonus/Exemptions From Various Req'ts Within Half-Mile/Quarter Mile From Transit






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