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(Mar. 31, 2019, 7:45 a.m., updated at 12:55) -- Ann Cantrell, an unflinching advocate of wildlife-friendly open space, non-toxic and non-commercialized public parks -- and unafraid to apply the CA Environmental Quality Act and the Coastal Act for over twenty years even when it displeases City Hall and some development interests -- was honored by Assemblyman Patrick O'Donnell on March 28 as among 2019 Women of Distinction in the 70th Assembly district.

Screen save from Facebook video by Corliss Lee

In his presentation, Assemblyman O'Donnell said Ms. Cantrell had stood up for residents and our local animal population "sometimes against me." He cited Ms. Cantrell's defense of migratory birds and their challenged environments and her most recent projects which include Los Cerritos Wetlands and the Marina Drive development projects "and their impact on our fine feathered friends."

Assemblyman O'Donnell continued:

She succeeded in bringing positive changes to the Will J. Reid Boy Scout Park (the Riverview development) while also making vast improvements to the Dominguez Gap wetlands (I didn't know you were involved in that) and continues to work on protecting the environment with the oil projects and Synergy Oil (that's PCH and 2nd). Ann is currently a member of CARP, Citizens About Responsible Planning, and serves as the CARP Treasurer.

Though many do not always agree with Ann, she is not afraid to challenge city leaders if she believes in her position and often many share her position when she does challenge city leaders. She's good at it. She's effective. Ann is truly unstoppable and we celebrate and honor her spirit and her accomplishments today.

5th district resident/former 5th dist. Council candidate Corliss Lee attended the presentation and captured VIDEO and photos below.

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[UPDATE] On learning that had published this story, Ms. Cantrell commented on the Long Beach Politics Facebook page:

" What Patrick didn't say was that I was nominated by Rae Gabelich, a true woman of distinction." [end UPDATE]



Ms. Cantrell was among 15 Women of Distinction honored by Assemblyman O'Donnell. He named Vanndearlyn Vong, a Cambodian-American and CSULB Presidential Scholar elected by 70th district Democrats earlier this year as a delegate to their Party's upcoming state convention.




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